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Monday, August 22nd, 2005

As the Jewish communities of Gaza have been removed the question in the minds of many people deals with the motives and plans of the terrorist organization HAMAS which represents about 80% of the people in the Gaza Strip. They agreed to calm down the attacks on Israeli citizens during the withdrawal, but do they really want peace with Israel?

On August 17th Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior official in Hamas in the Gaza Strip, did a broadcast on Al-Arabiyya TV and stated most emphatically that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip was caused by the armed resistance they gave and not as the result of any “useless negotiations.” He then demanded that the sea, land, and air sovereignty of the Gaza Strip must be handed over to them or the resistance would continue.

Musa Abu Marzuq, the deputy chief of Hamas’ political bureau, stated again that the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip was only the beginning. He boasted of the close relationship of Hamas with Egypt and that Hamas is soon to open an office in Cairo.

Radio Al-Aqsa, the radio station of Hamas, continues to broadcast hate songs that incite terrorism and violence against Israel. These broadcasts have continued to say that the “knights of Gaza” are coming and that they intend to attack all of Israel’s cities and make the Jews tremble. They continue to say that the defeat of Israel is Gaza is only the beginning. They continue to say that this is the beginning of the end and that Israel will soon no longer exist.

Actually, Islam claims that their religion is not true if Israel continues to exist. They call 1948 “The Great Disaster” and they claim that the modern State of Israel will be destroyed completely and no longer exist and Islam will prove to be the only true religion of this world!

Well, we now have a specific challenge to the God of the Bible who calls Himself “THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL” 108 times and the “GOD OF ISRAEL” OVER 200 TIMES. This great and only GOD says that the nation of Israel will NEVER cease to exist – FOREVER!

HAMAS is nothing more than a terrorist organization and no negotiations whatsoever should ever be held with them of ISLAMIC JIHAD or HEZBOLLAH!


Thursday, August 18th, 2005

It will take a few days, perhaps weeks, to remove the Jewish families from Gaza, items from their houses and farms, destroy synagogues and various homes and structures. The process has started and there are many tears and cries; there are feelings of betrayal; the government certainly faces some uncertain days ahead because of what they have done; the division in ISRAEL over the so-called “disengagement plan” is deep and serious – only God knows what will become of all of this in the hearts and minds of the Jewish people in ISRAEL.

Already there are Christians in America and Europe who believe in “replacement theology” saying that this proves their point – NO IT DOES NOT! God is NOT cancelling His covenant nor has He ever done so! He will never forsake His people! He is a prophetic plan for the land, and that includes the future of GAZA.

In all the talk, commentaries, and opinions being expressed about the removal of Jewish families from GAZA and the proclamation by many people that Zionism is over – that is simply NOT true!

Jews have been expelled from GAZA on seven different occasions throughout history since 70 AD. The surprising fact here is that the nations of the world convinced ISRAEL and in particular Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that this was the right thing to do in spite of what God says about dividing the covenant land He gave to ISRAEL which He says He owns (Leviticus 25:23) and that He gave it to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Psalm 105:8-11) as an “EVERLASTING COVENANT”!

But, what is the future of GAZA? Few have point it out but it is very clear in the Bible what God intends to do. In Zephaniah 1:14-18 the prophet speaks of a future time known as “the DAY of the LORD.” It is a day of “wrath…trouble and distress…wasteness and desolation…darkness and gloominess…clouds and thick darkness.” The passage continues in chapter two and in verses 4-7 with this paragraph:
“For GAZA shall be forsaken, and Askelon a desolation: they shall drive
out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up. Woe unto the
inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of
the LORD is against you; O Canaan, THE LAND OF THE PHILISTINES, I
will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant. And the sea
coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds and folds for flocks.
And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; they shall
feed thereupon: in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the
evening: for the LORD their God shall visit them, and turn away their

Yes, GAZA will be the “LAND OF THE PHILISTINES (the name from which we get the word “Palestinians”) that will be destroyed by God during the coming “DAY OF THE LORD” (also known as the Tribulation). The term is used 25 times in the Bible to describe that future day of God’s wrath and vengeance upon a world that decided they could go against His promises to the people of Israel. “GAZA shall be forsaken” and “destroyed” – that is the prophetic future of GAZA! The LORD GOD of ISRAEL is working out His great plan and bringing all nations to His feet to recognize His glory, and power, and LORDSHIP over all! May that day come soon!


Friday, August 12th, 2005

This week there was an amazing prayer rally that took place at the Western Wall (wailing wall) of the Temple Mount! Though ignored by many news broadcasts, it was indeed a remarkable event! Close to 300,000 Jewish people gathered for prayer, calling upon the LORD GOD of ISRAEL to heal their land! The crowds were overwhelming and astonishing! Many people could not even get close to the wall. There was no attacking of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon or his “disengagement plan” even though this circumstances was the major reason drawing all of these people together. The very event itself was an answer to prayer – Israel has long needed such a spiritual awakening!

Many observers could not believe what they were seeing. Rabbis of every persuasion had come together to pray for the people and the Land of ISRAEL. Biblical admonitions and teachings were sounded forth and mighty and fervent prayers and cries to God came from thousands of Jewish people. This is what Israel has needed for many years. How significant that the removal of Jewish families from Gaza and northern Samaria had now brought thousands of people to prayer. The words of the LORD GOD of ISRAEL to King Solomon at the completion of the First Temple were sounded forth: “If My people which are called by My Name – shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways – THEN I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land!”

Our Annual HOPE for TODAY Tour of ISRAEL is scheduled for September 8-22, 2005. Over 100 people will be going with us to the HOLY LAND, the LAND of ISRAEL. We are giving each tour member a T-Shirt that has printed on the back side of the shirt the words of II Chronicles 7:14. May God bring a mighty revival and spiritual awakening to the people of Israel!


Friday, August 12th, 2005

Interest in Bible Prophecy is very high at the present time. Some believe it is the result of terrorist threats; others hold that it is caused by events in the European Union; some believe that recent military maneuvours between Russia and China are fueling the interest; most believe that the situation of the Middle East is causing great interest in Bible Prophecy.

Our ministry focuses on ISRAEL in Bible Prophecy and we are being inundated and somewhat overwhelmed by all the interest and questions we are receiving. The current “disengagement plan” of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has accelerated that interest. Many people are praying for God’s supernatural intervention.

One of the most significant developments within the past couple of years has been the rise of “replacement theology” – the viewpoint that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s prophetic plan and that Israel’s sin and disobedience caused them to forfeit the right to the land and that 70 AD and the invasion of Rome and the destruction of the Second Temple were the final blows – now eliminating any prophetic significance to the modern State of Israel. Well, here at HOPE for TODAY will disagree and are committed to Biblical teaching of God’s plan for Israel. We believe that God has never replaced Israel with the Church and that His covenant promises to Israel are “everlasting” and “unconditional.” They are not based on Israel’s performance (whether good or bad) by on the unchanging faithfulness of God Himself!

If you really want to see a clear and simple presentation of these matters, be sure to order the new booklet entitled “Replacement Theology” and the new book entitled “The Case for Pre-Tribulationalism” – a study of the “Rapture” of the church clearly taught in I Thessalonians 4:13-18.


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