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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Here is the text of Israeli Foreign Minister Livni speaking to the United Nations Committee on the Palestinian State issue:

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni: “ISRAEL IS COMMITTED TO ESTABLISHING PALESTINE!” – issan Ratzlav-Katz

( Addressing the United Nations’ Ad Hoc Liaison Committee for Assistance to the Palestinian People (AHLC) on Monday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni declared Israel’s support for the creation of an Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The Foreign Minister said that pouring money into the PA will not be sufficient. However, she also strongly defended Israel’s current security measures in those areas.

“We have gathered here with the common purpose of helping to build the foundations of the Palestinian state,” Foreign Minister Livni began, adding that such a state “is an Israeli interest. On this principle, there is no conflict. On the contrary – Israel is committed to the establishment of a viable and vibrant Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as a homeland for the Palestinian people and a peaceful neighbor to Israel. This is a shared vision, not a zero-sum game.”

Livni furthermore declared that Israeli support for the transformation of the Palestinian Authority into an additional Arab state is a policy that “will not change even in difficult periods of violence and terror.”

The AHLC is a United Nations committee established in 1993 as a coordination mechanism for development assistance to the Arabs of the PA. According to the UN’s official description, “This forum seeks to promote dialogue between donors, the Palestinian Authority and the Government of Israel.” Members of the AHLC are Canada, the European Union, Japan, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States and the World Bank. Associated members are the Palestinian Authority, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and the United Nations itself.

Monday’s meeting of the AHLC, Foreign Minister Livni said, was made possible only by “the emergence of a Palestinian government, under the leadership of President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad, that accepts the Quartet principles and is determined to lead the Palestinian people to a better and more peaceful future.” Israel, along with other Western nations, had refused to hold discussions with the PA under Hamas leadership.

Indirectly offering state-building advice to the PA leadership, the Foreign Minister said that pouring money into the PA will not be sufficient for “turning the Palestinian state into a reality…. It is about building efficient and responsible government institutions, ensuring law and order, securing and maintaining monopoly over the use of force, and general capacity building. It is about encouraging local enterprise, supporting the private sector and creating conditions for foreign investment.”

Calling the current situation in Israel “more complex than ever before,” Livni said that “it also presents new opportunities which we must fully exploit. A Palestinian state must not remain a slogan. It must be built from the ground up. It must be given substance in a way that serves the vision of two states, two homelands, living side by side in peace and security.”

As for the Hamas regime in Gaza, Foreign Miniser Livni called it a “challenge” posed “to Israel, to the Palestinian people, to the international community and to the peace process itself.”

Foreign Minister Livni said that Israel faced an “intolerable dilemma, with no easy solutions.” She referred to Israel’s full and unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, saying, “We have received only terror in return. The families of Sderot and neighboring communities are terrorized daily by missile attacks on homes, shops and kindergartens. Gilad Shalit remains in captivity. Hamas is smuggling weapons to enhance its arsenal, increasing the range of its missiles, and suffocating the voices of hope and co-existence wherever it can.”

Without specifically mentioning the recent Israeli declaration of Gaza as “hostile territory” and threats to limit fuel and electricity to the region, Livni told the AHLC, “We cannot afford to ignore this situation…. There is no leader in this room who would tolerate this situation in their own country. And we cannot tolerate it in ours. While we remain committed to the humanitarian welfare of the civilians of Gaza, we cannot relate to the territory from which our citizens are under constant assault as though it is business as usual.”

Regarding IDF checkpoints in Judea and Samaria, the Foreign Minister said, “We have no desire to impose hardship on Palestinians and are ready to make progress on these issues. But the life of Israel’s citizens is not less important, and there are, unfortunately, too many people who wish to undermine the hopes for peace. Just as a Palestinian state is an Israeli interest, so Israeli security must be a Palestinian interest. And while we must seek to improve economic conditions and quality of life, we cannot afford to give the enemies of peace the opportunity to succeed.”

Foreign Minister Livni went on to delineate the steps Israel has taken and is planning to take to help the Fatah-led government of Mahmoud Abbas. She specifically mentioned:

“Releasing withheld tax and customs revenues. Releasing hundreds of Palestinian security prisoners, including an additional 90 prisoners decided upon only yesterday. Providing amnesty to 180 suspected terrorists, despite the security risk entailed. Supporting trilateral and multilateral projects such as the Japanese agricultural project in Jericho and Turkey’s initiative to establish an industrial zone in the West Bank. Encouraging contact between the Israeli and Palestinian private sectors. And working to renew the activity of the Joint Economic Committee, the JEC, in order to advance economic ties.”

Livni also said that the Israeli delegation would be “presenting ideas for enhanced cooperation particularly in the financial, judicial and economic spheres.”

The Foreign Minister concluded her remarks by saying, “We have been given the historic opportunity to transform the two state vision from a dream into a reality. I believe we can succeed in this task, if we make the right decisions, and if we act with courage, determination and some basic common sense. Future generations will not forgive us if we fail.”


Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


The United States ought to revise its policy in the region if it wants the upcoming Mideast peace conference to succeed, the Syrian government newspaper Tishrin said Tuesday, stopping short of saying Syria would not attend.

The newspaper report – the first official response to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s call on Sunday for Damascus to participate in the conference – followed a Guardian report earlier Tuesday that said Syria planned to turn down the US invitation.

“What is the advantage of such a conference … if those who have called for it are not contemplating to reconsider their negative policies in the region and define its supposed target beforehand?” Tishrin said.

Washington’s aim in holding the conference, the paper speculated, was to have Syria and Israel normalize ties while retaining the status quo.

The newspaper said the Bush administration continued to view “our pending issues illogically and illegally and through an Israeli perspective” – a reference to the Golan Heights.

The London-based Guardian earlier quoted Syrian officials as saying Foreign Minister Walid Moallem was planning to turn down Rice’s invitation because America and Israel were not serious enough about reaching a regional agreement.

Moallem will make the statement during his talks at the UN this week, unless he is promised that the conference will yield results rather than just talk, the report said.

“Syria attaches more importance to the content than the formalities,” a senior official was quoted as saying. “We have no interest in going just to have our photos taken.”

The official added that “the Americans want to freeze the Palestinian issue in order to finish whatever they want to finish in Iraq. They want to create headlines that they are moving forward on the Palestinian problem. The Israelis would like to impose their own view of the peace process.”

On Sunday, Rice said at a press conference in New York that “it’s only natural that we would hope that the participants would include the members of the Arab Follow-up Committee, because that is the committee that has been charged by the Arab League with following up with the international community on the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Syria is a member of this committee, along with Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, the Palestinians and Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

Israel has said it has no problem attending the conference even if Syria is invited.


Monday, September 24th, 2007

The current President of Iran – Ahmadinejad – is not at the United Nations and intends to speak at Columbia University – causing more problems in our opinion. Here’s what he recently said about the Nation of Israel:


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week reiterated his belief that the Jewish state is an illegitimate entity, thereby confirming in the minds of many his intention to facilitate the destruction of Israel.

In an interview with the CBS program 60 Minutes in Tehran, Ahmadinejad was asked if when he says he loves all nations Israel is included. The Iranian leader was to the point in his response: “Israel is not a nation.”

Ahmadinejad went on to claim he has no dispute with the residents of the “Zionist entity,” but that for a legitimate state to arise here, the land must first be flooded with millions of Arabs claiming to be “Palestinian” refugees and the entire population be given a vote.

Ahmadinejad pointedly refused to say he would accept and recognize Israel as the Jewish state even if the Palestinian Arabs signed a final status peace agreement that did so.

The Iranian president granted the interview just days before departing for the United States, where he is currently attending a United Nations session. He is also scheduled to address students at Columbia University.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The absolute stupidity of this world leader is now seen for what it is – a hatred of the State of Israel and a belief system that denies historical realities and manifests an agenda that involves the destruction of the Jewish State. The truth from the Bible? Ahmadinejad himself is headed for destruction – he has now placed himself against the LORD GOD of ISRAEL!)


Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

From the Jerusalem Post:

Soldiers from an elite Israeli unit seized North Korean nuclear material from a secret Syrian military installation before it was bombed by IAF jets, a report by Britain’s Sunday Times wrote, quoting “informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem.”

According to the sources, the alleged IAF attack was sanctioned by the US on September 6, after the Americans were given proof that the material was indeed nuclear-related.
The sources confirmed that the materials were tested after they were taken from Syria and were found to be of North Korean origin, which raised concerns that Syria may have been trying to come into the possession of nuclear arms.

The commandos, who, according to the report, belonged to the legendary General Staff’s Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal), may have been disguised in Syrian army uniforms. It was also stated that Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who used to head the unit, personally oversaw the operation.

Israeli sources admitted that special forces had been accruing intelligence in Syria for several months, the report said, adding that evidence of North Korean activity at the installation was presented to President George Bush during the summer.

Former Syrian information minister, Ma’ahdi Dahallah, rejected the report and called on Israel to resent the so-called evidence. This type of report, Dahallah told Radio Sawa, was merely a form of psychological warfare.

According to the Times, North Korea and China believed that North Koreans were among the dead in the subsequent alleged IAF air strike.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Israel and the United States had collaborated on intelligence ahead of the alleged IAF raid. According to the Post report, Israel informed the US over the summer that North Korean personnel were in Syria in order to assist the country’s nuclear weapons program. The intelligence in question reportedly included satellite imagery.

Meanwhile, Newsweek quoted Binyamin Netanyahu adviser Uzi Arad in reference to the Syria operation. “I do know what happened, and when it comes out it will stun everyone,” he said.


Friday, September 21st, 2007

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) begins Friday night – a 24 hour fast commanded by God – Jewish date of 10th day of seventh month (Tishrei) – year 5768 on the Jewish calendar. Leviticus 23:26-32 tells the story:

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Also on the tneth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD. And ye shall do no work in that same day; for it is a day of atonement, to make an atonement for you before the LORD your God. For whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people. And whatsoever soul it be that doeth any work in that same day, the same soul will I destroy from among his people. Ye shall do no manner of work: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations in all your dwellings. It shall be unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall afflict your souls: in the ninth day of the month at even, from even unto even, shall ye celebrate your sabbath.”

This is the only day in the Jewish year of worship that the LORD GOD of Israel commanded the Jewish people to fast! Fasting was done on other occasions, but this is the only day Jewish people were commanded to do it – “afflict your souls.”

What happened on this day is described in Leviticus 16. In verses 29-31 we read: “And this shall be a statute for ever unto you: that in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, ye shall afflict your souls, and do no work at all, whether it bge one of your own country, or a stranger that sojourneth among you: For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you, to cleanse you, that ye may be clean from all your sins before the LORD. It shall be a sabbath of rest unto you, and ye shall afflict your souls, by a statute for ever.”

Only the High Priest could go into the HOLY of Holies on this day with the blood of one of two goats used on this day, and place the blood on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant (called the “mercy seat”). The event refers to “propitiation” or the satisfaction of the righteous wrath of God against our sin. I John 2:2 says that our Lord’s “propitiation” was not only for the sins of those who believe in Him, but was designed for the whole world. that is remarkable indeed. But, it is no good for your eternal destiny, unless you put your faith and trust in the Messiah’s sacrifice for you – HE IS OUR DAY OF ATONEMENT! Only believers are, therefore, redeemed!

The live goat (called “azazel” or “scapegoat”) was released into the wilderness and no one was to go after it. It pictured the complete removal of the consequences of our sin – HALLELUJAH! Psalm 103:12 says that our sins have been removed “as far as the east is from the west.”

YOM KIPPUR emphasizes not only God’s wrath being satisfied and a covering provided for our sins, but the fast (“afflict your souls”) emphasizes the need of true repentance and faith in our hearts in what happened on that day.

Worshipping on this day was serious! Anyone who refused to treat the day as a Shabat (Sabbath Day) would be “cut off” from his people and God would “destroy” him!

This year the day falls on a normal Sabbath Day, but no changes or alterations were to be made as to the day it was honored – always the 10th day of the seventh month – Tishrei.
Five days later will begin the joyous festival of Succoth (Tabernacles), a feast that last for a whole week!


Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (reported in Israel National News)

In a letter to a fellow Kadima politicians, the lead negotiator on behalf of the government in talks with the Fatah-run half of the Palestinian Authority confirmed his plan to relinquish sovereignty over much of Jerusalem, including in the Old City.

In response to a concerned letter of inquiry from Jerusalem Municipal Council Member Nir Barkat, Vice Prime Minister Chaim Ramon wrote, “The Jewish neighborhoods of
Ramon fully represents the government in negotiations with the PA. Jerusalem will be recognized as Israeli and under Israeli sovereignty. Accordingly, the Arab neighborhoods will be recognized as Palestinian. Passages between the Israeli neighborhoods will be open and secure – accordingly the same will be true for the Palestinian neighborhoods.”

Regarding the “holy sites” in the capital, Ramon wrote only that there would be an undefined “special sovereignty.” Inside the Old City, the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter “will remain under Israeli rule forever,” the vice-premier wrote.

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Ramon fully represents the government in negotiations with the PA, but said that the opinions he expressed in his letter were his own and “do not obligate the Prime Minister.”

In reaction to the publication of the letter to Barkat, Knesset Member David Rotem of Yisrael Beiteinu, a member of the governing coalition, said, “Minister Ramon’s plan will enhance his prestige in the Left, but will dissolve the government.” Rotem made the comment to the Yediot Acharonot newspaper on Tuesday.

Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai of the Shas party expressed strong opposition to the Ramon plan, as well, saying Jerusalem is “not a bargaining chip.” Last week, responding to then-unconfirmed plans by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to divide Jerusalem, Yishai declared, “Unequivocally, Shas will not sit in a government that creates a Palestinian state on the Green Line and within Jerusalem municipal territory.”

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, of the Labor party, reserved comment on the Ramon letter.

Minister of Pensioner Affairs, Rafi Eitan of the Gil Pensioners party, said that the Ramon plan for Jerusalem will not garner a government majority, in any case. Without speaking
“Ramon’s plan will enhance his prestige in the Left, but will dissolve the government.” – MK David Rotem.

Eitan said that he would oppose the Vice Prime Minister’s ideas on Jerusalem.

Even some Knesset members representing Ramon’s own faction, Kadima, expressed concern over the positions espoused by the government’s chief negotiator. Both MK Ze’ev Elkin and MK Otniel Schneller claimed that the idea of dividing sovereignty in Jerusalem is antithetical to the basic platform of the Kadima party.

MK Tzvi Hendel of the National Union party, who was expelled from his home in the Gush Katif town of Netzer Hazani, slammed the selection of Ramon as chief negotiator: “There is no greater shame than the fact that a convicted criminal, who lacks morals and who promoted the evacuation of Gush Katif – which lead to the current disasters – is now conducting, on behalf of Olmert, insane negotiations for the division of Jerusalem.” Hendel called for the toppling of the government by the Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu parties.


Monday, September 17th, 2007

by Y. Mansharof and A. Savyon

In several recent speeches, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad outlined Iran’s nuclear policy and set forth his vision regarding the interrelationship between Iran and the West.

In a speech about Iran’s nuclear program, Ahmadinejad declared that Iran has become a global power, and that it would place its nuclear technology at the service of those determined to confront the U.S. and other Western countries. He announced that Iran was now successfully operating over 3,000 centrifuges, continued to downplay the impact of the U.N. Security Council sanctions on Iran, and reiterated Iran’s official stance of refusal to freeze its nuclear activity. Ahmadinejad also harshly censured senior Iranian officials who had called for compromise with the West on Iran’s nuclear program out of fear of a possible U.S. attack on Iran, hinting that they were traitors.

In addition, Ahmadinejad declared that the world was now at an historic turning point. The history of the West, he said, had reached its end, and the appearance of the Hidden Imam, heralding the era of Islamic Shi’ite rule, was nigh. Thus, he called on the nations of the world to rise up against the hegemony of the West, headed by the U.S., and predicted the imminent collapse of Israel, which he called “Satan’s standard-bearer.”

Following are statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on various issues, from his recent speeches:

On several occasions, Ahmadinejad stressed that Iran would continue developing its nuclear program regardless of the sanctions. He noted that the sanctions were having no impact on progress in “the irreversible path of the nuclearization of the Iranian nation” and denied Western reports of a slowdown in Iran’s uranium enrichment. Ahmadinejad further promised to place Iran’s nuclear technology “at the service of those who are determined to confront the bullying powers and aggressors [i.e., the Western countries, headed by the U.S.].” At a recent conference of Revolutionary Guard commanders, he also stated that “some violent powers [i.e., the West, headed by the U.S.] are now officially declaring that they want to cooperate with the Iranian nation, and that they acknowledge Iran’s [status] as a regional power. However, they must know that Iran is a global power.”

In a report submitted in late August 2007 to the International Atomic Energy Agency Council of Governors, IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei stated that as of August 19, 2007, 1,968 centrifuges at the Natanz facility had been injected with UF6 gas and were in operation. However, in early September, 2007, Ahmadinejad stated: “When we opened [the uranium conversion facility] at Isfahan, they [i.e. the West, headed by the U.S.] threatened military action [against us]. But now, we are operating over 3,000 centrifuges, and every week [another] new [centrifuge] system is installed… They have not managed to do anything against [our] united and steadfast nation.” He added, “They thought that they could make the Iranian nation withdraw with each of the sanctions resolutions that they issued – but after each resolution, the Iranian nation showed further progress [in its nuclear] program.”

On another occasion, Ahmadinejad harshly condemned senior Iranian officials who had in recent months called for compromise with the West: “With regard to obtaining nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, unreliable individuals have spoken of compromising. No one would believe it if I mentioned the names of these individuals, who in several meetings spoke of the need for compromise, enumerating the enemy’s strong points, and [raising the possibility that the West could launch] an all-out war. We have experienced days when we were pressured from a hundred different directions from within [Iran] to withdraw [and to halt uranium enrichment]… But I said that I was willing to guarantee them that it was impossible for [the U.S.] to launch a war against us…”

Ahmadinejad went on to explain: “At some meetings, I told these friends that I was an engineer, and that I had analyzed the problems and presented proof, [and thus] I told them that the enemies do not have the courage to launch a war against us. Some doubted my words, but I presented them with two pieces of evidence. First, I told them, I am an engineer, I am deliberate, I make tables and write and examine hypotheses for hours. I present proof and put together plans based on it, and that is how I proceed. They [the U.S.] cannot pose a problem to Iran. They are stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they have problems there, and lack the ability to act against Iran. As further proof, I told them that I believe in the word of God. God said that those who act properly will triumph. Iran’s Leader [Ali Khamenei] and the Iranian nation are steadfast in, attentive to, and agree with the word of God…”

Ahmadinejad added, “I have documents to prove that some people, who are supported by newspapers that do nothing but malign the government on a daily basis, made every effort to ensure that sanctions were issued against Iran. They would provide the West with the latest updates about Iran’s nuclear program, and urge it to exert as much pressure as possible on the Iranian government. It was not one or two people, but at least eight or 10. Now, these people are turning to the Gulf states and telling them not to cooperate with the Iranian government.” In his speech to the Revolutionary Guards commanders, Ahmadinejad said, in a similar vein, “Unfortunately, some elements in Iran have encouraged some of the violent powers to increase the pressures on Iran.”

In a press conference during his August 21-22, 2007 visit to Azerbaijan, Ahmadinejad said that the West’s attempts to stop Iran’s nuclear program had been in vain, and that Iran had not changed its policy: “Thanks to the determined stance of the Iranian nation, which has stood united in defense of its right to nuclear technology, Iran’s enemies have not succeeded in preventing its progress, and in imposing their positions upon it, for Iran has now achieved a full nuclear fuel cycle… The Western countries know very well that their actions have no effect on Iran, and that they will eventually be compelled to acknowledge its right to develop this technology… If these aggressive countries pay no heed to our friendly advice, their prestige in the world will suffer, and their situation will be more difficult…”

“When I visited Baku last year, Iran was only at the halfway point on the winding and difficult path to nuclear technology. But today, with God’s grace and thanks to the determined stand and resistance of the Iranian people, Iran has seen this narrow and difficult path through to its end… and now nobody can stop the progress of the Iranian nation in the area of nuclear technology.

“There are countries whose attainment of nuclear technology did not bring about any change in the world. Iran’s nuclearization, on the other hand, is the beginning of a very great change in the world, since its nuclear activities are in the service of peace, justice, and welfare for all the world’s countries… You [i.e. the Western countries] have used the language of force, and have failed to realize the greatness of the Iranian nation. You thought that if you increased the pressure [i.e. the sanctions] on Iran, the Iranian nation would withdraw from its position… I said to these countries: You are wrong, and you are making fools of yourselves – for you cannot harm Iran in the slightest…”

At an August 28, 2007 press conference at the presidential palace, Ahmadinejad said further: “As for the reports about Iran slowing down or accelerating its nuclear program, most of them are not grounded in reality. We are working to enrich uranium. This is a technical process, and any acceleration or deceleration of the activities has to do with technical circumstances and capabilities. Political decisions play no part in this… I hereby officially announce that, as far as Iran is concerned, the nuclear issue is closed. Those who thought that they could stop the Iranian nation through discriminatory political moves [i.e. sanctions], and by abusing their power in the international decision-making bodies, now realize that the path they took was wrong…”

In his speech at the annual International Seminar on the Doctrine of Mahdism, held in Tehran August 25-26, 2007, Ahmadinejad stated that Western dominance has come to an end, and called on the nations of the world to rebel against “the oppressive imperialist powers” in preparation for the coming of the Hidden Imam:

“The Hidden Imam is heir to everything that has been good and beautiful throughout history, and the call to await his coming is a call to have faith in the missions of the divine prophets, in monotheism, and in justice… In these days, humanity longs for monotheism and justice. With God’s grace, the preparations for a flood of compassion, truth and justice will soon be complete…

“The message of Mahdism, which calls to believe in the Savior [i.e. the Hidden Imam], brings hope and joy to people throughout the world. It is a message of steadfastness and patience and of resisting the oppressors [i.e. the West, headed by America]; it is a message of submission to God and of the pursuit of justice and honor. The current situation in the world has led the nations to reject in disgust the rule of the oppressors. Now is the time to invite people to accept the rule of the righteous, and especially that of the most righteous of rulers – the Hidden Imam…

“Today’s imperialist forces give humanity nothing by forcing wars upon it, plundering its resources, violating human rights, issuing threats, trampling human dignity and spreading corruption, vice and insecurity… The oppressors and tyrants are responsible for all the difficulties and problems currently faced by the nations, and the only way to establish justice is through popular uprising and determined resistance in the face of these oppressors…”

“The day of these aggressors… who are oppressing and controlling the nations, is now coming to an end. Those who seek to distract the people with materialistic philosophy of one kind or another, and who pursue materialism, have brought humanity nothing but despair and deception… The time of the righteous rulers will come, and the most righteous of rulers, [i.e. the Hidden Imam], will form a government and thereby instate the monotheism of Abraham [throughout the world]. That day is not far away…

“Our enemies naturally feel threatened by the call to believe in the Mahdi, for they do not want people to think about justice. But our reply to them is that the era of the aggressive powers has come to an end. We believe that it is time for the righteous to rule, and for humanity to be properly re-born out of love, knowledge, and spirituality.”

In his speech at the opening of the fourth World Assembly of the Ahl Al-Beit Foundation, held in Tehran August 18-19, 2007, Ahmadinejad said:

“Today we must prepare ourselves to discharge the responsibility placed upon us… which transcends the boundaries of the Muslim world… Islam is the truth. This truth was only partly revealed in Judaism and Christianity, but is fully revealed in Islam… Today, as ever, the world needs the Hidden Imam, for it is suffering under the yoke of dishonest rulers… Our mission transcends the geographical boundaries of the Muslim world. Our clerics have a responsibility to call upon humanity as a whole to embrace the true monotheism and the rule of monotheistic principles.”

In an August 28, 2007 speech, Ahmadinejad added, “The current problems faced by the world result from the rule of unworthy rulers. The ultimate solution is to replace these unworthy regimes and rulers, and to establish the rule of the Hidden Imam…” “Those who are not versed in the doctrine of Mahdism believe that the return of the Hidden Imam will occur only in a very long time, but, according to the divine promise, his return is imminent…”

On August 29, 2007, Ahmadinejad said, “The Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution have a pivotal role in preparing the ground for the coming of the Hidden Imam… We must rapidly develop Iran in order to create the right conditions for his coming, and we must also help the rest of the world’s nations to prepare for his return, in order to precipitate this great event…”

“The responsibility that currently rests on Iran’s shoulders is very heavy; it is the kind of mission with which the divine prophets were entrusted. It does not permit us to rest or slumber even for a moment. Have you ever seen a prophet take a rest from the fulfillment of his mission?…”

Ahmadinejad’s recent speeches have also been characterized by statements against the Zionists and against Israel, which he called “Satan’s standard-bearer.”

At the August 28, 2007 press conference, he said: “The Zionists have no religion, for religion means having faith in others and maintaining friendly relations with other nations. But everywhere they exist there is war. They are responsible for much of the injustice in the world. The Zionists are a minority which numbers no more than a few tens of thousands, but they have formed clandestine organizations, because they do not want peace and friendship to prevail among the nations… They thrive on war and hatred. If peace ever prevails in the world, the people of the world will eradicate Zionism. If the European nations could have acted freely, they would have thrown them out of Europe.”

In his speech at the Ahl Al-Beit assembly, Ahmadinejad said: “You also saw the outcome of the 33-day war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, and how Hizbullah stood fast against the Zionist regime. Can such a regime conceivably last? A regime whose entire philosophy and existence are founded upon lies is bound to collapse… The extent of the defeat of the world superpowers is reflected by the extent to which their ideology and reasoning have failed… Israel is the standard-bearer of aggression, occupation, and discrimination in the world. Considering all this, how can this regime possibly last?”

In line with his view of Israel as a foreign body in the region, Ahmadinejad said, at a September 4, 2007 meeting with deposed Palestinian foreign minister Ziad Abu ‘Amru: “The only way out of the crisis is through armed resistance by a united Palestinian nation, with determination and faith in God… It would be naïve of us to believe that America and certain European countries might take steps to help the Palestinian people – for the Zionist regime is their representative, and is flesh of their flesh… The Palestinian nation is now invincible… The Iranian nation and government believe in the Palestinian cause, and are interested in its fulfillment. They will continue to stand by the Palestinian people…”

In line with his view that the Western hegemony is coming to an end, Ahmadinejad stated that the depth of the West’s defeat mirrors the depth of its ideological defeat. He predicted that the Coalition forces will soon be forced to withdraw from Iraq, and declared that Iran would be willing to fill the vacuum.

In his speech at the Ahl Al-Beit assembly, he said: “The hegemony of America and its allies in Iraq has been shattered, and the Americans have suffered an historic defeat. The depth of the military defeat suffered by the Global Arrogance [i.e. America] mirrors the depth of their ideological defeat…

“The world is now at a historic turning point. This is apparent from the briefest glance at the global balance of power, which is rapidly tipping towards truth and away from falsehood… America and its allies in Iraq are now sinking in a quagmire, from which they… can escape only at great cost…”

On another occasion, Ahmadinejad said, “The aggressors have become entangled in Iraq. They attribute no importance to Iraqi lives… I hereby announce loud and clear that the occupier’s political forces are facing defeat in Iraq…and that we will soon see a serious leadership vacuum in the region. I hereby announce that Iran is willing to fill this vacuum, with the help of its neighbors and friends in the region, including Saudi Arabia. With the help of the Iraqi people, we will fill this vacuum. This is already happening; we must open our eyes to see it…

“I advise the aggressors to stop their stubbornness and selfishness… Even if you stay in Iraq for another 50 years, not only will conditions fail to improve, they will deteriorate… Iraq is, in the present circumstances, just another example of the corrupt rule of the superpowers… We have announced in the past our willingness to extricate you from the Iraqi quagmire – but if you choose to stay there, you are welcome to do so!… Wait a few months, and you will see that under pressure, the [Al-Maliki] government will be defeated…”

On August 28, 2007, Ahmadinejad reiterated that Iran was willing to renew relations with Egypt, and added that both countries would benefit from this, as two dominant forces in the region. “Iran and Egypt are both great and civilized nations, which maintain ties of mutual friendship. The truth is that the Egyptian nation is clearly interested in relations with Iran, and that the Iranian nation is interested in relations with Egypt. The two countries have many distinctive characteristics in common, such as a unique and ancient culture. Furthermore, both have significant influence in regional and global issues, and therefore, friendship between them will benefit the Muslim countries and the world at large.”

“During my visit to the UAE in May 2007, I announced that if Egypt declares its willingness to renew the relations with Iran, we would promptly dispatch an ambassador to Cairo. The deputy foreign ministers of the two countries are due to meet to discuss this issue, and this meeting will be followed by a meeting between the foreign ministers themselves in order to prepare the foundations for renewing relations. I hope that these plans will be realized shortly…”

In the same speech, Ahmadinejad said that all citizens and groups in Iran enjoyed complete and full freedom, and can express their opinions freely. Addressing the issue of the Iranian-American academic Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, who was recently released from an Iranian prison after being detained for over three months, he stated that her case would be decided by the Iranian judiciary.

ENDNOTE: According to Shi’ite belief, the Twelfth Imam (known as the Mahdi, or the Hidden Imam) disappeared in 941 CE. Shi’ites are commanded to anticipate his reappearance, which will bring their redemption and the proof of the rightness of the Shi’ite belief.


Monday, September 17th, 2007

by Ezra HaLevi (Arutz Sheva – Israel National News)

Speculation continues to abound regarding the nature of the Israeli Air Force operation on September 6th originally reported as a violation of Syrian airspace.

Israel’s military censor remains vigilant within the country, forcing Israel-based press to limit reporting to the reprinting of foreign reports on the shadowy operation. Israel’s largest daily Yediot Acharonot reported only that the mission was titled Operation Orchard. Local press circles claim to have knowledge that Israel delivered a stunning blow to Syria, which was caught completely by surprise and suffered heavy losses.

The leading hypothesis now is that a shipment of material for a Syrian nuclear project from North Korean was the target of the air strike. That possibility was bolstered by a report Saturday in the Washington Post documenting the arrival of a vessel containing components of nuclear technology three days earlier in the region, before the Israeli planes struck.

According to the report, the shipment was labeled “cement” and the nascent nuclear facility as an “agricultural research center.” Israeli intelligence identified it, however, as a facility to “extract uranium from phosphates.” The Post said that secrecy surrounding the mission was even extended to the pilots taking part, who were not all briefed as to the full scope of the mission. The pilots who actually struck the facility, it says, only after takeoff.

Syria’s Ambassador to the US Imad Moustapha denied that report to Newsweek, calling it “absolutely, totally, fundamentally ridiculous and untrue.”

US officials quoted by both the Washington Post and Fox News have confirmed the North Korean connection, however, and say that both North Korea and the nuclear proliferation network run by Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan have transferred to Syria information, technology and uranium-enrichment equipment.

An investigative report commissioned by Haaretz found that the SS Al-Hamed, a ship reported by different trade web sites as flying the North Korean flag, arrived in Syria during the time in question. Details of the ship and the fact that it was flying a North Korean flag were subsequently removed from the sites.

Last Wednesday, the New York Times reported that the targets struck by Israel were weapons caches being dispatched to Hizbullah in Lebanon by Iran.

Syria’s UN Ambassador dismissed that claim as well. “This is blah blah. This is nonsense, this is an unfounded statement. It is not up to the Israelis or anyone else to assess what we have in Syria,” he said. “There was no target, they dropped their munitions. They were running away after they were confronted by our air defense.”

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, citing extensive unnamed sources, said that IDF ground forces took part in the operation, marking the targets. After the strikes, she said, there was a “big hole in the desert.”

According to the British Observer, the Israeli operation “involved as many as eight aircraft, including Israel’s most ultra-modern F-15s and F-16s equipped with Maverick missiles and 500 pound bombs.”

The operation, the report speculates based on Turkish security sources, was a dry-run of a bombing mission that would destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. Turkey’s security and intelligence were “in the loop” according to the Observer report.

The British Arabic-language Al-Arabiya newspaper has quoted unnamed sources from NATO’s headquarters in Brussels saying the goal of the Israeli operation was simply “a warning and an experiment.” The sources said Israel was surprised by Syria’s decision to publicize the overflights.

In his interview with Newsweek, Syrian Ambassador Moustapha said that Israel would “pay a price” for the operation. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad was then reported to have announced that Syria was not planning a military response to the Israeli operation. On Saturday, he suddenly denied reports that he had said any such thing, ostensibly opening up the possibility of a Syrian reprisal. After a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Mekdad said: “Syria possesses the means to respond in ways that will preserve its position of power.”

Syria filed a complaint with the United Nations over Israeli “aggressions and violation of sovereignty.” No mention was made of any targets bombed.


Monday, September 10th, 2007

How sad to read this recent article!

by Ryan Jones

For most Israelis, Rabbinical Judaism’s refusal to recognize the fetus as a full person is sufficient approval to kill off thousands of potential members of the nation every year, contributing significantly to the idea that the Jews may soon be outnumbered by Arabs in their own country.

Israel faces a potentially catastrophic demographic threat from the Arabs living around and within its borders. But Israel itself, over the past 60 years, has nonchalantly destroyed some 2 million unborn babies who could have, along with their own offspring, drastically tipped the population scales.

Abortion is a legal and free procedure in Israel, prompting many women, and even married couples, to use it as a form of birth control. As a result, some 40,000 unborn babies are terminated every year in Israel, according to accepted estimates, 7,000 more than the number of Israelis who die annually from other causes.

If all of those babies would have been given a chance at life since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 until today (taking into account the current Jewish Israeli birth rate of 3.25), there would potentially be an additional 3 to 4 million Jews living in Israel today.



Thursday, September 6th, 2007

The hatred displayed by the United Nations toward Israel is indeed unreasonable, incredible, unexplainable, and downright diabolical! This is a posted article from Berean Call Ministries (the ministry of Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon):

“UNITED NATIONS Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, now eight months in
office, is proving that his courteous manner should not be mistaken for
lack of resolve. The Korean diplomat’s administration has spoken out for
the victims of Darfur, confronted Sri Lanka over the killings of aid
workers, and acted to establish the international tribunal on the
assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri of Lebanon. Quietly
but firmly, Ban is helping to confirm the UN’s indispensable role in the

Yet Ban has made little progress in restraining the UN’s own dark side.
Getting underway in Europe alone, in the space of a few days next week,
will be two UN-backed initiatives that run counter to the secretary
general’s efforts to improve the world body’s effectiveness and

First, the UN on Monday will launch a series of international meetings
on racism, leading up to a major world conference in 2009. The
so-called “Durban Review” process is the follow-up to the 2001
conference in South Africa that turned into a diplomatic fiasco. All
indications suggest next week’s session, and the events that follow
from it, will mimic both the format and script of the original.

The lead-up to Durban in 2001 was hijacked by the 57-strong
Organization of the Islamic Conference. A February 2001 preparatory
meeting for Asian nations was held in Tehran. (Israelis were a priori
excluded.) The preparatory committee adopted a text singling out Israel
for “ethnic cleansing” and of a “new kind of apartheid, a crime against

Durban’s final declaration, after international interventions, toned
down the language, but went on to single out Israel. The US delegation
walked out.

Far worse, though, were the parallel proceedings held by the
nongovernmental organizations. One widely distributed flyer showed a
photograph of Hitler and the question, “What if I had won?” The answer:
“There would be NO Israel.” Goebbels-like caricatures of Jews circulated

In his eyewitness account published in the Fletcher Forum of World
Affairs, Democratic Representative Tom Lantos of California, a US
delegate, remarked that “having experienced the horrors of the
Holocaust firsthand, this was the most sickening and unabashed display
of hate for Jews I had seen since the Nazi period.” The final
nongovernmental organization statement declared Israel a “racist
apartheid state” guilty of “genocide.”

The ghosts of 2001 are almost certain to be conjured up by the shamans
of Durban II. In addition, Islamic states are expected to introduce new
accusations against the West for “religious defamation.” The subtext of
this refrain — which has made its way into UN resolutions over the
past six years — is that the greatest victim of Sept. 11 was actually

The party chosen to chair the entire process through 2009 indicates its
seriousness of purpose: Moammar Khadafy’s Libya. The same regime that,
in 2002, gave its highest award to convicted French Holocaust denier
Roger Garaudy, that routinely brutalizes black African migrants, and
that tortures Bulgarian and Palestinian medics for the crime of being
foreigners. This is the country that will now teach the world about
racism — all under the UN’s imprimatur.”


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