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Monday, February 28th, 2011

by Elad Benari (IsraelNationalNews)

The British radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama must embrace Islam as a way of life or face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah Islamic court system.

Choudary, who spoke with investigative reporter Aaron Klein during his radio program on New York’s WABC Radio, claimed during the interview that Obama is waging a war against Islam.

“Obama has promised all Muslims to be released from Guantanamo Bay. They are still languishing there even though he knows they are completely innocent,” said Choudary. “On top of that, he’s increased the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, so he is a war mongerer just as his predecessor was. And thirdly and more importantly, you know, the Muslims don’t want democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom are anathema to Islam and the Sharia.”

Choudary also said that he is planning a protest in front of the White House on Thursday in which he will call on American Muslims to revolt against the country and implement Sharia law.

He added that during the protest he will also call on Obama and all Americans to “embrace Islam, not only as a religion but as a way of life.”

Choudary added: “At the same time, we will be issuing a warning that the presence of U.S. forces and U.S. personnel in Muslim countries, looking out for their interests, at the moment is very, very insecure. I think the Muslims are boiling angry around the world. This is something they (Americans) should take very seriously.”

Choudary also claimed that Obama was committing “crimes” against Muslims in Iraq and in Afghanistan. “I do believe that the only way for him to save himself in this life and in the hereafter is to embrace Islam,” he said. “Islam will eradicate all his sins, he will be like the day his mother gave birth to him. Otherwise, when we do implement the Shariah, obviously he will face the consequences of a trial under the Sharia court.”

Choudary founded two Muslim groups in Britain that were banned by the British government as being terrorist organizations. He has threatened British Jews who support Israel, stating that it is an “Islamic obligation upon Muslims everywhere to support the Jihad against those who fight Muslims anywhere in the world or who occupy Muslim land.”

He has often praised Muslim terrorists, referring to the September 11 terrorists as “magnificent martyrs.” In 2003 he endorsed terrorist attacks by British Muslims and said that al-Muhajiroun, one of the groups he founded, would “encourage people to fulfill their Islamic duties and responsibilities.” He praised the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai and has called for stoning homosexuals and for assassinating the Pope.

Choudary has also previously called for prosecuting Queen Elizabeth for genocide because “she is the one who applauds her sons and daughters to go out and massacre hundreds and thousands of innocent people.” He also declared that the Queen should be tried for “the extermination of a nation.”

During Sunday’s interview with Klein, Choudary repeated his contention that the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.

“I do believe that as a Muslim every part of the world will be governed by the Sharia,” he said. “So symbolically the flag of Islam will fly from every single country, every single nation.”


Monday, February 28th, 2011

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Arutz Sheva News)

The Muslim “revolutionary juggernaut” continues to roll through the Middle East, striking the normally quiet oil-rich country of Oman, where police killed two protesters.

Demonstrations continued for the third day Monday, after peaceful protests in the country, located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, turned violent two days ago.

Police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators, who then set on fire several government buildings, including a police station. In response, Oman’s Sultan Qaboos bin Said ordered the creation of 50,000 jobs and a grant of nearly $400 a month for every person who seeks employment.

However, violence has escalated as demonstrators demand government reform in the country, where political parties are banned. They torched an official government residence, homes and a supermarket.

Oman, located on the Arabian Peninsula, shares with Iran control of the Strait of Hormuz, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, where nearly half of the world’s oil tankers sail.

Unrest is rare in Oman, which is considered one of the more tranquil Moslem countries. Journalist Jackie Spinner, who was in the city of Sohar where the protests broke out, told Al Jazeera, “Most of the Omanis that I’ve talked to have said they haven’t seen anything like this in the last four decades … they have not seen this level of anger, or any widespread demonstrations against the government, in the past 40 years.”

Middle East observers – and investors – are keeping a sharp eye on Saudi Arabia, where “Day of Rage” protests are scheduled on March 11 and March 20 to demand reforms


Sunday, February 27th, 2011

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Arutz Sheva News)

Libyan rebels control most of Libya’s oil production facilities, have taken over another town and are closing in on Tripoli, Muammar Qaddafi’s sole base.

Reporters in the city of Zariwa, where Qaddafi’s supporters took them to show how its forces were in control, saw opposition fighters flying their own flag and controlling barricades in the city, where intense fighting took place last week.

Qaddafi continued to thump his version of events, charging that Libyan youth are being drugged to go on a rampage of “destruction and sabotage.”

He continues to hold on to the capital of Tripoli, but the opposition has firm control of most of the oil production facilities in Africa’s richest oil country.

Virtually the entire world has turned against Qaddafi, with the Arab League, the United Nations Security Council and Western powers demanding he end his slaughter of opponents and his 41-year-long rule. The Libyan delegation to the Arab League in Cairo has condemned Qaddafi for “heinous crimes against unarmed citizens.” The UK, which had been accused of freeing the Lockerbie bomber for an oil deal, has joined the condemnation.

A bloody battle is in store in Tripoli, where opponents to the regime fear Qaddafi will unleash planes to bomb them, as he did last week to prevent rebels from reaching munitions stored in an abandoned military base.

The U.N. Security Council resolution Saturday against Qaddafi included an unprecedented call to the International Criminal Court hear evidence of his war crimes. Latest reports indicate that Qaddafi’s troops and mercenaries have murdered well over 2,000 people.

The opposition movement has organized itself and established a transitional government that “will lead for no more than three months, and then there will be fair elections and the people will choose their leader,” according to Mustafa Abdel Jalil, formerly a justice minister under Qaddafi.


Sunday, February 27th, 2011

by Ryan Jones (Israel Today News)

Most of the international community, and certainly the mainstream international press, has moved on from Egypt and its 18-day uprising that led the downfall of former President Hosni Mubarak and his dictatorial regime. The new story on everyone’s lips is Libya, where the masses are fighting, and dying, to similarly remove Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

But what is happening now in Egypt? The sudden removal of Mubarak cannot be the end of the story, and with the future of such a significant regional power hanging in the balance, what happens in the weeks and months after is far more important than the president’s resignation.

Amazingly, while the Western intelligentsia spent the two weeks leading up to Mubarak’s departure alternatively insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood was either not a threat or too small to worry about, almost no one covered the February 18 return to Egypt of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi as the major event it was.

Qaradawi was exiled from Egypt decades ago by Mubarak, and was also banned from entering the US and Britain for his radical views and teachings. But that didn’t stop the cleric. Instead, he was given a spot on Al Jazeera, where his show “Sharia and Life” quickly became the top rated program on the Middle East network.

When he stepped into Cario’s now-famed Tahrir Square this month, it was to a hero’s welcome by the estimated two million Egyptians that came to hear him. During his speech, Qaradawi advised those who had toppled Mubarak that “the revolution is not finished,” and insisted that democracy in Egypt must be along Islamic, not Western lines.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s platform officially states that Egypt’s government must be “republican, parliamentary, constitutional and democratic in accordance with Islamic Sharia law.”

During the Tahrir Square event, Qaradawi’s bodyguards prevented Google executive Wael Ghonem from coming on stage and addressing the crowds. The Western media had tried to make Ghonem, who was a major player in the opening days of the uprising, as the “new face” of the Egyptian street – educated, moderate and Western.

Prof. William Jacobson of the Cornell Law School aptly noted that the event signified that “the yuppie revolution in Egypt is over, the Islamist revolution has begun.” Jacobson accurately explained that Ghonem never was the face of the Arab street in Egypt, “he merely was a face to which Western media could relate.”

The real face of the street in Egypt is Islam, and that is why just as many people who turned out to demand Mubarak go home also came out to hear Qaradawi.

Some in the mainstream media are still trying to whitewash Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood. But the cleric’s long history of poisonous decrees against Israel, calling for attacks on Americans in Iraq, and general hatred for all infidels speaks for itself.

For example, when asked a few years ago about interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Jews, Qaradawi said: “There is no dialogue between us except by the sword and rifle. We pray to Allah to take this oppressive Jewish, Zionist band of people…do not spare a single one of them…count their numbers and kill them down to the very last one.”

Despite cleverly wording his public speeches in a way that allows the likes of the New York Times to paint him as a “moderate,” Qaradawi remains dedicated to the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal of imposing Sharia Law with the goal of eventually establishing an Islamic empire.

What’s more concerning is that Qaradawi is far from being a fringe figure. Shadi Hamid, research director at the Brookings Institute’s Doha Center in Qatar, confirmed in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor what should have been clear from Qaradawi’s reception in Cairo earlier this month:
“Qaradawi is very much in the mainstream of Egyptian society, he’s in the religious mainstream, he’s not offering something that’s particularly distinctive or radical in the context of Egypt.”

It should also be noted that if free elections are held in Egypt, there are very real indicators that the Muslim Brotherhood’s newly formed political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, will sweep them by a large margin.
In Egypt’s most recent parliamentary election, Mubarak’s party and allies won 80 percent of the vote thanks to heavy rigging of the system. But despite having the deck stacked against them, the Muslim Brotherhood still managed to win 20 percent of the seats in parliament. Imagine what the group could do in free elections without a strong or recognized “liberal” opponent.


Friday, February 25th, 2011


Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi has ordered his security forces to sabotage oil facilities, Time magazine reported, quoting a source close to Qaddafi.
According to the report, the forces were ordered to start blowing up oil pipelines in order to cut off flows to ports in the Mediterranean.

“The sabotage, according to the insider, is meant to serve as a message to Libya’s rebellious tribes: It’s either me or chaos,” said the report.

Time Magazine also reported that the insider said Qaddafi only has the support of about 5,000 soldiers in the army and that the Libyan leader has told people close to him that he realizes he cannot take control over Libya with the troops he has.

Over 1000 people have been killed in the anti-government protests in Libya, according to New York-based Human Rights Watch.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Qaddafi’s speech on Tuesday was “very, very frightening,” adding that he had declared war on the Libyan people, Reuters reported.

The German Chancellor said that if Qaddafi does not end the violence in his country, she would support sanctions against Tripoli, according to the report.

The UN Security Council also condemned Qaddafi’s crackdown on anti-government protesters and demanded an immediate end to the violence.

A press statement agreed by all 15 council members expressed “grave concern” at the situation in Libya and condemned the violence and use of force against civilians.

Earlier Tuesday, the Arab League suspended Libya’s participation in its council meetings, citing the North African country’s crackdown on protesters.
The Arab League “condemns crimes against the current peaceful popular protests and demonstrations in several Libyan cities,” Secretary General Amr Moussa told reporters in Cairo today after the group met. He said the security forces’ use of live rounds, heavy weapons and foreign mercenaries is a “grave breach of human rights.”

The organization calls for “respecting Libyans’ right to freedom of protest and expression” as they demand democratic change, he said. Humanitarian aid must be allowed into the country, the Arab League leader said.

Libya will be barred from taking part in the Arab League’s meetings until leader Muammar Qaddafi responds to the organization’s demands, Moussa said.
The Obama Administration also condemned on Tuesday the “appalling” violence in Libya. “This violence is completely unacceptable,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. “We believe that the government of Libya bears responsibility for what is occurring and must take actions to end the violence.”


Friday, February 25th, 2011

by Maayana Miskin (IsraelNationalNews)

Anti-regime protesters in Libya successfully pushed back dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s troops on Thursday, seizing control of cities near the capital. Opposition forces are now planning to take Tripoli.

The military is preparing to fight back an assault Friday, and has been moving armed soldiers, many of them hred mercenaries, into the city since early morning.

Many former government officials and military leaders have switched to the anti-regime side, and are helping to coordinate anti-Qaddafi activity in cities such as Benghazi and Al-Zawiyah. One leader of the protest movement predicted that it is “only a matter of days” until Tripoli falls.

Qaddafi has vowed to fight to the death against his opponents. In his most recent appeal to the citizens of Libya, he claimed protesters against his government were working with Al-Qaeda, and were on drugs.

Protesters in Al-Zawiyah, just 30 miles from Tripoli, said Qaddafi’s forces had massacred demonstrators in a mosque, opening fire on worshipers and killing up to 100.

Qaddafi is facing increasing pressure from abroad as well. The European Union and the United States are considering sanctions over his refusal to stop attacks on demonstrators. The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to discuss the situation on this afternoon.


Friday, February 25th, 2011

by Maayana Miskin (Arutz Sheva News)

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah returned to his country Wednesday after spending three months in the United States for medical treatment. The king returned to a changed Middle East in which Arab leaders have been ousted from rule or are facing mass demonstrations for their resignation.

He has since announced a $37 billion aid package for Saudi citizens in the lower and middle classes, and has released three Shiite Muslim political prisoners.

The announcement was made as support grew for a Facebook group calling for “Day of Rage” protests in Saudi Arabia in March similar to those in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and elsewhere. Protesters plan to call for an elected government, more rights for women, and the release of political prisoners.

Political analysts believe King Abdullah may also be concerned by the prospect of unrest among Shiite Muslims similar to that in Bahrain, where the Shiite majority has taken to the streets in opposition of the Sunni Muslim leadership.

Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia have no representation in government, and are often the victims of incitement from Sunni Muslim religious leaders, who view them as believing in a false faith and as possible Iranian agents. Unlike in Bahrain, they are a religious minority; however, many of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are located in majority-Shiite regions.

Abdullah plans to meet with the king of Bahrain as well.


Thursday, February 24th, 2011


With all the excitement in Egypt, and the wave of supposedly pro-democracy revolutions sweeping the region, observers abroad could be forgiven for forgetting that Gaza remains a regional “hotspot” with the potential to spark a dangerous conflagration.

Palestinian terrorists operating out of Gaza set off a roadside bomb as an Israeli army patrol passed along the Gaza security fence. As the patrol was recovering from the blast, a mortar shell was fired at the Israelis.
At around the same time, Gaza-based terrorist forces fired five mortar shells at civilian communities in southern Israel.

The Israeli army identified a group of terrorists operating in Gaza and directed tank fire at them. Palestinian sources said that seven terrorists were wounded in the counter strike.

The situation escalated further in the evening when Palestinian forces fired a Grad missile into the southern Israel city of Beersheva. The missile caused extensive damage, but, miraculously, no injuries as local residents had properly responded to air raid sirens by entering their bomb shelters.

A second Grad missile landed just outside the nearby town of Netivot, causing no injuries or damage.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman submitted a formal complaint to the UN Security Council, though that is not expected to do any good, and issued a statement insisting that “Israel will not remain indifferent to these acts.”

The Beersheva missile attack, which was viewed as a major provocation and escalation of the situation in and around Gaza, was met by an immediate Israeli aerial assault on terrorist installations throughout Gaza.


Thursday, February 24th, 2011

by Walid Shoebat

As the stage at Tahrir Square was set for the Friday Day of Victory to commemorate Egypt’s revolution, Wael Ghoneim – the mastermind youth behind the revolution – was set to speak when suddenly his speech was hijacked by guards forcing him to leave, hiding his face with the Egyptian flag.

Rumors have been spreading throughout the Middle East that regard Wael Ghoneim as “member of the Masonic Lodge”, “imperialist” and an “American agent”.

So who were these thugs that hijacked the voices of the youth…twitter and facebook?

It was the guards of none other than terror supporter and international liaison of the Muslim Brotherhood—the exiled Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi.

Yes, you heard it right.

The grand opportunist like a thief in the night and in broad daylight bullied his way to address a million Egyptians, urging them to “Protect the revolution and don’t you dare let anyone steal it from you.” Except for him, of course, promising that soon he “will pray on the Jerusalem Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount)” not as a pilgrimage since visiting it is a “shame” and “forbidden by Sharia” so long as Israel exists.

The savior-thief set a turning point in Egypt’s revolution paralleling the Iranian revolution when Khomeini came back from exile to rob Iran from the Shah switching one dictator with another much worse.

Amidst all this jubilance, the Egyptian authority gave the green light for two Iranian battle ships to enter the Suez Canal sending a message that Egypt is willing to emulate Turkey by accommodating Iran.

Translating Arab media, Dar Al-Hayat News of Saudi Arabia on Saturday under the title “Significant Presence of Islamists on Victory Friday,” goes on to explain, “Strikingly, what was an attention grabber was not only the large presence of Islamists on Victory Friday surrounding Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, but also blocks of Brotherhood, Salafist and Jamat Islamia amid hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who had gathered.”

Egyptian MP in an article by the Wafd’s liberal party newspaper on Saturday the 19th, which represents one of the largest liberal parties in Egypt expressed his disdain: “This was not a revolution, but a curse from God.” He added, “I watch the local TV and as if I am watching Al-Jazeerah Television, asking where are the young that cried for freedom in this scene? This whole thing was nothing but an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to weave itself into the fabric.”

Muhammad Fathi and Muhammad Sha’ban of the Al-Shabab News, expressing the voice of the youth in Egypt admitted that a takeover has occurred: “what it seems like is a struggle between the different factions of the revolution started early and it’s clear that a near takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood is complete… the one who led the million gathering Muhammad Al-Baltaji [Deputy secretary- general of the Muslim Brotherhood] who forced Wael Ghuneim to step aside.”

But the youth is already giving allegiance to the Brotherhood. They add, “They [the Brotherhood] are the ones able to fulfill our demands. The Muslim Brotherhood youth were the ones that protected the square with others. They are of the people. They are a part of the people and the revolution. I say this even though I am not a Muslim Brotherhood member.”

“A new reality is settling in Egypt,” the Elaf News said and “it’s not what enthusiasts and democracy seekers think. The Muslim Brotherhood learned how to utilize a large network of television stations, which are now contributing to the breakdown of Arab regimes while the Brotherhood robs the revolution’s youth and era of Facebook. And while all the forts fall in front of their modern advances.” One comment posted, “we only find out that dictatorship is a coin with two faces, that is, to come out of the darkness of tyranny and dictatorship to only enter the darkness of a religious state, where governance and legislation is done in the name of God!”


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post)

There are two versions of analysis going around concerning the grudging veto by the Obama Administration of a U.N. Security Council resolution seeking to condemn Israel’s settlements as “illegal” and claim that they “constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.”

The first take goes like this: “All’s well that ends well. Bravo, Mr. President for exercising the veto!” The second goes like this: “Obama messed up big time by trying to negotiate a ‘compromise.’ He disappointed the Arabs and Palestinians, broke his own pledge not to exercise the veto, upset American friends of Israel, and unnerved the Israeli government yet again.”

The first is preposterous, but, regrettably, it’s the tack taken by a number of Jewish organizations. This preserves the fiction for the groups’ liberal members that the President is a great friend and stalwart ally of the Jewish State. It ignores the willingness of the U.S. to join in public excoriation of the Jewish state and to emphasize that the U.S. and Israel can be separated diplomatically with very little effort.

The second is correct, but incomplete. The U.S. did not merely exercise a veto, it issued a statement that was unprecedented in its one-sidedness and harshness. As The Post reported: “U.S. Ambassador Susan E. Rice said that the U.S. veto should not be seen as an endorsement of Israel’s settlement policies, which the Obama Administration has repeatedly denounced. But she said adoption of the resolution “risks” undermining U.S.-led efforts to pursue a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. We reject in the strongest term the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activities,” Rice said after the vote. “For more than four decades Israel’s settlement activities have undermined Israel’s security and eroded hopes of peace and security in the region.”

But she added: “Unfortunately, this draft resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides and could encourage the parties to stay out of negotiations.”

Remarkably, not a single pro-Israel group made much notice of that. Not even one chastised the Administration for singling out Israel—the party that repeatedly has offered a peace deal, that offered a ten month freeze, and that engaged in direct negotiations — while foregoing any hint of criticism of the Palestinians who walked out of talks, refuse to recognize the Jewish state, and continue to incite terrorism.

Sure, the U.N. once again has proven itself to be a hot-bed of anti-Israel rhetoric. But let’s be clear what really happened this week. The U.S. representative, while reluctantly casting a veto, joined the pack of jackals that seek to make Israel the culprit for all that ills the Middle East. Shouldn’t THAT be the headline?

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