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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

America: Israel Among Top Most “Unacceptable” Countries
Tuesday, December 30, 2014 | David Lazarus

American support for Israel at all-time high
Obama Admin Blames Israel for Lack of Peace
Kerry Feeds the Lie of ‘Israeli Apartheid’

The US State Department in 2014 condemned Israel as one of the most “unacceptable” countries in the world, just behind North Korea.

According to an article published last week by Foreign Policy, over the past year the Obama Administration State Department cited Israel for “unacceptable behavior” more times than Pakistan, Russia, Egypt, China, Afghanistan and Iraq. The article examined how many times a country’s actions were condemned as “unacceptable,” and Israel came in fourth, right after Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Most of the State Department’s criticisms came in response to Israeli announcements for plans to build housing in Jerusalem. The study also found that the US government panned out unprecedented amounts of condemnation towards Israel for civilian casualties during the summer war in Gaza.

The absurd and arbitrary way in which the United States condemns her allies more that her enemies only serves to render Washington’s pronouncements meaningless in the eyes of most Israelis. How can building homes in Jerusalem be condemned on par with the actions of nations repeatedly engaged in aggressive and murderous violence towards their own civilian populations with absolutely no regard for human rights?

As journalist Micah Zenko pointed out in the Foreign Policy article, US officials regularly condemn actions as unacceptable “but then do very little in response to prevent or deter those actions from reoccurring.”

The fact that these ongoing condemnations are hollow does not prevent the US State Department and others from regularly castigating Israel in the international diplomatic arena. Israel’s Ynet news portal found that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon used the word “concerned” 140 times in 2014 in statements about world events, and Israel was the most “concerning” country of all.

The US government just keeps on pretending that their shameful condemnations of Israel are useful, clueless to the fact that no one is listening. Is it any wonder that Israel refuses to heed to the onslaught of mumbo-jumbo condemnations emanating from the White House and the UN?

Indeed, it would be foolish for Israel to even respond to the endless and empty pronouncements of American and international discontent. King Solomon understood long ago that it is utter folly to answer absurd and silly arguments as if you were dealing with a sensible person.

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.” Proverbs 26:4


Monday, December 29th, 2014

by Rabbi Beel Wein (Arutz Sheva News)

To Europe, the noble Palestinians – fomenters of worldwide terrorism, intifadas and recurring wars – are worthy of diplomatic recognition, media support, financial aid and moral justification. This is Europe’s revenge on the Jews for surviving.

What can one say about Europe? I imagine that if one wants to be bitterly truthful then one could easily say that Hitler has in effect triumphed. He branded the Jews as the root of all troubles and proclaimed that the “final” and only solution to the “Jewish problem” was to eradicate all Jews from the face of the earth.

And as we all know, he followed through on his genocidal program. A great deal of Europe, its leaders, intellectuals and common folk, willfully and almost gleefully cooperated in this genocide. Many did so actively while many more Europeans did so passively.

Once the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed after the war ended, this irrational and pathological hatred of the Jews went underground. After all, it was too shameful to admit that the continent that prided itself on the advancement of civilization could be guilty of such organized, government-sponsored inhumanity and cruelty. So, most Europeans shielded themselves from any true feelings of guilt by simply stating that they were ignorant as to what was occurring.

The Vatican and other Christian churches aided many Nazis and other war criminals in escaping from Europe and settling rather comfortably in other continents, notably South America. As penance for their atrocious behavior, many European countries, though not all, voted for the establishment of the state of Israel and granted the nascent nation diplomatic and sometimes even economic recognition and help.

And there the matter seemed to rest during the decade of the 1950s. But the state of Israel, always being the burr under the world’s saddle, would not let the matter rest then. The wound was too deep and raw and the world would not be allowed to so easily forget what had happened.

So, Israel captured Adolf Eichmann and placed him on trial for his crimes against the Jewish people and humanity. The trial, which lasted almost a year, revealed in a stark and graphic way what had happened to the Jewish people on European soil from 1939 to 1945. Thus it was not only Eichmann and the Nazis that were the defendants in that most bruising and bitter trial, but in a very real sense, Europe itself was on trial. And when – to use a Christian phrase – Europe is sorely in need of redemption.

Eichmann was justifiably found guilty and executed for his crimes, subliminally Europe was also judged to be guilty and complicit in the horror of the Holocaust.

Europe has never forgiven Israel for that trial and verdict. It is well aware that it is guilty but can never own up to this guilt. Therefore, in line with its time-honored obsession with the Jewish people and its innate necessity to scapegoat Jews for all of Europe’s problems, Europe has turned its enmity in an unremitting fashion against the Jewish state.

Israel should be pilloried and boycotted, delegitimized and isolated, while the noble Palestinians – fomenters of worldwide terrorism, intifadas and recurring wars – are worthy of diplomatic recognition, media support, financial aid and moral justification. This is Europe’s revenge against the Jews for surviving the Holocaust and thereby instilling the unease and guilt that Europe feels towards Jews, Judaism and the Jewish state.

To use a Christian phrase, Europe is sorely in need of redemption. Catholic countries such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain have not digested the lessons of history vis-à-vis the relationship of the Church and the Jews over the centuries. The liberal Left refuses to deal with its history of oppression and anti-Semitism that Marxism, the Soviet Union and the Left generally has inflicted on European and world Jewry. Thus it again bans circumcision and kosher slaughter, all in the name of some lofty ideals of infant and animal rights.

All of this naturally occurs in the background of rampant child abuse and slaughter of humans, the repression of women, the elimination of minorities and the other pernicious facets of intolerant social norms, which characterize Palestinian and Islamic society. Perfidious and hypocritical as it is, Europe nonetheless claims the high moral ground for itself, sneering condescendingly at the United States and feels justly entitled to be the moral judge over the state of Israel.

Europe regrets not so much the Holocaust itself, but that the Jews survived it and because of it were allowed to create a nation state for themselves. Therefore it will allow for the creation of Holocaust memorials and museums but objects that somehow the state of Israel be included in the Jewish story that it depicts.

Hamas is no longer a terrorist organization as far as Europe is concerned, but Israel should be hauled before the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

Even George Orwell would be astounded to see how skewed the vision and policies of Europe are today. Only time will tell if Europe is ever able to right its perverse attitude towards Jews and Israel. History teaches us that it will be doomed somehow if it does not do so.


Sunday, December 28th, 2014

by Paul Eidelberg (Arutz Sheva news)

The truth is staring them in the face, but despite it, they continue blindly towards insane policies of “territory for peace.” Golda Meir saw it long ago.

In fact, Peres and Rabin were Labor hawks before their party needed the Arab vote to gain power. As Israel approaches the March 2015 Knesset elections, the Correct Political Analysis Syndrome continues to afflict even the best political analysts.

Correct Politically Correct Analysis has been available to Israeli politicians for a long time, certainly about the implacable hostility of Palestinian Authority. Enough to quote Golda Meir’s biography, My Life (1975):

“I have never doubted for an instant that the true aim of the Arab states has always been, and still is, the total destruction of the State of Israel, or that even if we had gone back far beyond the 1967 lines to some miniature enclave, they would not still have tried to eradicate it and us…. It is our duty to realize this truth; it is our duty to make it clear to all men of good will who tend to ignore it. We need to [face] this truth in all its gravity, so that we may continue to mobilize from among ourselves and the Jewish people all the resources necessary to overcome our enemies … ”

Given this candid assessment, was it not criminally irresponsible on the part of the Israeli Prime Ministers who succeeded Golda Meir to pursue the policy of “territory for peace” with Arab leaders?

Was it not inane or insane to allow these Arabs to established headquarters or bases in Gaza and Ramallah, indeed, to give them swaths of Jewish land in Judea and Samaria?

Doesn’t Mrs. Meir’s candid assessment of 1975 tacitly and retrospectively condemn Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres for negotiating with Yasser Arafat and consummating the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993?

Doesn’t her assessment also expose the folly and irresponsibility of Benjamin Netanyahu’s consummation of the Wye and Hebron agreements with Yasser Arafat, and, most egregiously, his endorsement of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria?

Doesn’t Golda Meir’s assessment of the Arabs reduce to fatuity the Government’s release of thousands of Arab terrorists from prison as “good will gestures” – gestures Golda would probably have denounced as criminal irresponsibility? No wonder she was called “the only man in the cabinet,” as she’d be called today, were she a member of the Netanyahu Government.

How could any Israeli Prime Minister ignore or minimize the strategic significance of the 1,400-year engrained hostility of Muslim Arabs toward Jews?

Is it irrelevant that Israel’s own Arab citizens are exempt from military service?

Have not studies indicated that despite all the political, economic, and educational benefits they enjoy as Israeli citizens – benefits elsewhere unavailable to Arabs – that many of these “disciples of Muhammad” aid and participate in terrorist attacks and thus constitute a hostile population in this country?

Does anyone believe in Mr. Peres’ dream of a “New Middle East”? Peres, with whom I spoke in 1976, is a “Machiavellian Dove,” to use the sobriquet of his mentor, Professor Y. Harkabi, author of Arab Attitude to Jews, which contains 400 pages documenting the murderous hatred which Arab theologians, politicians, academics, and journalists display toward Jews and the Jewish state.

Indeed, Harkabi emphasized not only the jihadic mentality of Arabs, but also their culturally engrained mendacity. (Moshe Dayan once said that Arabs consume “lie pills”!) Yet Peres negotiated with these pathological liars, and with the surreptitious purpose of establishing a Palestinian state.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made this official in June 2009. He had adopted the inane or insane policy of “territory for peace” with the Arabs around us.

Of course, the policy of “territory for peace” wins votes from peace-intoxicated and benighted Israelis. In fact, Peres and Rabin were Labor hawks before their party needed the Arab vote to gain power.

Recall, too, Netanyahu’s 1995 book, A Place Among the Nations. This book also offered ‘Correct Political Analysis’ by admitting that the Oslo Agreement would lead to disaster. Nevertheless, and contrary to those who elected him Prime Minister in 1996, Netanyahu proceeded to implement the Oslo Covenant of Death which fools and scoundrels alike identified with the “peace process.”

Since ‘Correct Political Analysis’ has proven deadly, there must be something incorrect about ‘Correct Political Analysis.’ Not that I’m opposed to correct political analysis per se. Left by itself, however, it’s counterproductive when it obscures that which distinguishes Israel from other nation-states, namely, Israel’s meta-political foundations or the concept of the Holy Land, the land God promised the Jewish people.

That America is rotting away, stooping so low as to cozy up with and subsidize the villains of the Palestinian Authority, is the moral consequence of her abandoning the meta-political foundations of the American Declaration of Independence.

Encapsulated in that sacred document is its pivotal concept, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” That concept is rooted in the Torah. However, because her leaders have abandoned the Torah, Israel, the most powerful nation in the Middle East, can’t even stand up to the PA.

Hence it behooves independent-minded political commentators to step off the beaten path of ‘Correct Political Analysis’ for a while. Time for them to link the timidity and fatuity of Israeli politicians – obvious to the public – with the basic cause of these deficiencies, namely, the “politically correct” silence they maintain about Israel’s meta-political foundations.


Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Pastor Barry Stagner of “WORLD NEWS” on (Internet Television) usually is with Don Stewart (been sick with bronchial problems – difficulties with voice) each week, but because of Don’s health problems, David Hocking has been filling in for Don. The program (one of the most popular on His Channel programming) is aired on Thursday Night (December 18) at 6:00 PM (PST) David will join Barry again this Thursday night. You can also find previous programs by searching “VIDEO ON DEMAND” – JOIN US THIS WEEK FOR THE INSIGHTS RELATING TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD – as we compare Biblical teachings and prophecies with world events.


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

by Benjamin Korn (Arutz Sheva News)

The battle for Jerusalem is being fought–but it’s not a fair fight. To President Obama, it’s all a great big blur, with no moral distinctions and all sides being equally guilty.

“This is a battle over Jerusalem,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a nationally televised address to the people of Israel this week. He’s right. But because of the Obama Administration’s pressure, Israel is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

The war began last summer. Mobs of Palestinian Arabs in some of Jerusalem’s eastern neighborhoods started launching almost daily attacks on Israeli passersby–sometimes motorists, sometimes police officers. There was no “provocation.” They were not responding to a particular Israeli policy. They were just trying to kill Jews.

Occasionally the attackers hit their target. On September 1, for example, rocks crashed threw the windows of a Jerusalem bus, injuring a three year-old Israeli girl. On October 2, the day before Yom Kippur eve, an Israeli family returning from the Western Wall accidentally drove into the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of A-Tur. The rock-throwers leaped upon their prey. Two teenage girls in the car were wounded–which is a gentle way of saying that they narrowly missed being stoned to death.

But for Arabs trying to conquer Jerusalem, injuring little Israeli girls once in a while is not enough. From October 17 through October 19, official Palestinian Authority TV repeatedly broadcast a speech by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas claiming that Jews were secretly plotting to “defile” the Al Aqsa Mosque and urging Arabs to “prevent them in any way.”

The Arabs got the message. On October 22, Abd al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi drove his car into a Jerusalem railway station, murdering two–one was three month-old Chaya Zissel Braun, an American citizen–and injuring eight others. Sultan Abu Al-Einen, a senior adviser to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, publicly praised Al-Shaloudi as a “heroic martyr.” The official Facebook page of Fatah, which Abbas chairs, likewise called the killer “heroic.”

A week later came the attempted murder of an American-Israeli rabbi, Yehuda Glick, in Jerusalem. Abbas said of the assassin: “He rose to Heaven while defending our people’s rights.” Fatah sponsored city-wide celebrations and called on “the fighters and the masses” to stage a “day of rage” on the Temple Mount and throughout Jerusalem. Not surprisingly, the Israeli police prevented Muslims from going to the Mount that day. The police also discovered a stockpile of firebombs inside the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The PA immediately declared that the police who entered the mosque had “desecrated” it and that the closure of the Mount that day “proved” Israel wants to destroy the mosque, which then became the pretext for more Palestinian terrorism, from the next car ramming into a Jerusalem train station on November 5 (two dead, rose to 3 yesterday when an elderly Arab from Anata succumbed to his injuries 13 wounded) to the massacre of five Jews (three of them Americans) in Har Nof on November 18. All the while, Abbas continued stoking the fires with speeches about Jews trying to “contaminate” the mosque.

Any reasonable person can see that the PA’s claims are absurd lies and that its incitement is playing a primary role in the violence. But the Obama Administration has a political agenda which seems to interfere with its willingness to face the facts.

President Obama’s shocking — actually, revolting — response to the Har Nof massacre: “Too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died.”

The Administration wants to create a Palestinian state next door to Israel, with a large part of Jerusalem as its capital. The only way to do that is to try to maintain the fiction that the Palestinian leadership is “moderate”. Admitting that Abbas himself is the one inciting the violence would mean acknowledging that he doesn’t want peace–thereby wrecking the entire premise of the Administration’s Mideast policy.

Thus President Obama’s shocking — actually, revolting — response to the Har Nof massacre: “Too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died.”

The Israelis who have died were innocent victims of Palestinian terrorism. The Palestinians who have died were terrorists who w ere killed by Israelis in self-defense. But for Mr. Obama’s lights, it’s all a great big blur, with no moral distinctions and all sides being equally guilty. That’s the only way for him to keep pushing forward with the fiction of Palestinian moderation, in the cause of Palestinian statehood.

The Obama Administration is wrong. The United States should be on the side of its peace-making ally, Israel, in its fight against the Palestinian terrorist assault on Jerusalem. Whether the victims are three Americans beheaded by ISIS or three Americans butchered in a Jerusalem synagogue, America and Israel are fighting the same enemy.

The battle for Jerusalem is being fought–but it’s not a fair fight. Palestinian terrorists use rocks, firebombs, cars, and axes. Palestinian leaders praise, protect, and finance them. Israel tries desperately to defend itself–but the Obama Administration, with its relentless criticism, pressure, and moral equivalency, is in effect tying one of Israel’s hands behind its back.

This is the moment for American Jewry to step forward. Not with gala dinners and business-as-usual speeches, but with focused, effective political action to send a message to the Administration, and to mobilize Congress and the American public in support of Israel and Jerusalem.

This is the moment for American Jewry to rise to the challenge. Now–before the battle is lost!


Monday, December 8th, 2014

By Yoni Kempinski and Tova Dvorin
(Arutz Sheva News)

Iran is “stalling the time until they get the bomb,” Dr. Joseph Frager, Chairman of the World Committee for the Land of Israel, told Arutz Sheva at the Jaffa Institute Gala Dinner honoring Rabbi Yaakov Nasirov last week. “It’s going to happen while under President [Barack] Obama’s watch, and it will make his Presidency one of the all-time worst in American history.”

Frager noted that the Iran problem “could still be solved” and that opposition to military action in Iran could be, perhaps, what led Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to dissolve the coalition last week.

He also stated that the recent US midterm elections, which resulted in a Republican victory, “set the stage” for Israeli elections and that 2016 could see a Republican President entering the White House – while, meanwhile, Israel “does what it has to do.”

Philanthropist Sam Domb added that the Obama Administration’s handling of Iran is rather sloppy.

“They waited until the last second,” Domb said. “Why did they not know until the last day [before the deadline] that Iran didn’t have a deal? Why didn’t they bring this up at the beginning and say, ‘that’s not what they want’?”

“This is a bluff,” he added. “They did it before, they’ll do it again, and I think there still won’t be a deal by the end of Obama’s Presidency.”

Domb disagreed with Frager on the topic of military action, however, noting that “no one will back Israel if they take military action right now.”

Moreover, in his words, “if they have already produced [nuclear weapons], then you can’t take [Iran] out,” he said. “Because if you do, you will have five million dead people, and I don’t think anybody wants to do that.”

Thus, he urged Israel, along with the US and Europe, to take military action now – together.

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ken Chrosniak, a former member of the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff noted that Iran already has nuclear capability – but not on a large scale.

“They already have nuclear capability, but it’s in field artillery, in smaller calibers and so on – they do have that,” the Brig. Gen. stated to Arutz Sheva. “They have had that since the Russians gave it to them many years ago.”

Gen. Chrosniak added that Iranian capability to produce missiles capable of hitting one of the American coastal cities is “not in the so distant future” and that Iran has already perfected mid-level capabilities.

“In the US, we don’t have the capability to defend ourselves against a high-altitude nuclear burst because it could be fired by a rogue nation,” he said. “It’s a bipartisan issue here in the US.”

“In the future, Iran will be complicit with ISIS to establish, or re-establish, the Caliphate,” he added. “That’s their goal: to re-establish the Caliphate and take out all infidels.”

As far as military action against Iran, Gen. Chrosniak called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a “good soldier,” and noted that as a good soldier – “sometimes you just have to go it alone.”


Monday, December 1st, 2014

by Ron Brackin
ASSIST News Service (ANS)

DALLAS, TX (ANS) — “You can’t take refuge in temporary solutions,” Mosab Hassan Yousef told reporters. “Hamashas to be tackled at its roots, uprooted once and for all, and now is the perfect moment to deal with Hamas militarily in Gaza. The longer Israel waits, the more dangerous an enemy Hamas will become and the harder the battle. This is the time to initiate a war against Hamas.”

Yousef is the eldest son of Sheik Hassan Yousef, a founder of the terrorist organization. He also served for a decade as a double agent for Israel’s Shin Bet (comparable to America’s FBI).

Yousef insists that he is not warmongering.

Nearly two months of attacks on Gaza, that left more than two thousand dead and much of the territory in ruins, ended in a ceasefire on August 26.

Yousef called the ceasefire “fundamentally flawed,” warning that Hamas will only rebuild, rearm, and resume its Jihad against Israel

As global headlines announced the ceasefire, the terrorists reportedly had already begun to rebuild the tunnels that served as conduits for Iranian missiles.

“As long as Israel waits for the enemy to become more dangerous,” Yousef said, “future wars [with Hamas] grow more and more difficult. Hit them in the winter, when they are unprepared.

“It needs to be a surprise move, targeting their top echelons. And there needs to be cooperation with Egypt to block the smuggling into Gaza, in order to cut off their supplies of weapons and of material for making weapons. Once that cooperation is in place, start a military operation, without announcing it, targeting everything connected to Hamas, without hitting civilian targets.

“You don’t understand how much the people of Gaza dislike Hamas, even hate it,” he added, “and Hamas fears a protracted struggle with Israel because it does not have a real capacity to stand firm.

“Hamas is not an organization with political imperatives, acting out of political interests. It is first and foremost an ideological movement, and there can be no negotiating or compromising with it. It cannot be appeased through diplomatic compromise. Israel’s leaders have found what they wrongly consider to be a magical solution through temporary ceasefires to what is actually a strategic problem-facing a foul and highly dangerous terror organization. The Israeli government needs to acknowledge its mistake and change its strategy.”

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, too, needs to change, Yousef says.

“He’s not ready for negotiations right now. He’s repeating Arafat’s mistakes. He’s manipulating. He knows Israel is not to blame for the situation in Gaza and yet he accuses it of responsibility. But he won’t be able to control the international community forever.”

Yousef criticized the international community’s failure to act against Islamic State (ISIS), which continues to terrorize northern Iraq and threaten Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

“When Islamic State starts to hurt people in Europe, the Europeans won’t have any more patience for the attacks and the duplicity, just as was the case with Arafat after 9/11. The free world will understand that it is in a battle against ideological organizations employing terrorism, and it will change its attitude to the Palestinians and to Abbas.”

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