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The pressure to get the “peace process” sponsored by the Road Map of the Quartet (United Nations, European Union, Russia, & the United States) has intensified in recent days. But, Hamas is not cooperating. The Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, is trying to get Hamas and Fatah to form a “unity” or “coalition” government, but the nations of the world who have promised financial support for the Palestinians are holding up funds and support until Israel is officially recognized. Hamas held a giant rally this week and its leader once again affirmed that Hamas will NEVER recognize Israel or its right to exist. Here we go again! The following article appeared in the Jerusalem Post:

“Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh collapsed on Friday during his speech at the rally in Gaza in support of Hamas and its beleaguered government.

Haniyeh, who is fasting during Ramadan, stopped speaking in mid-sentence and collapsed onto aides standing next to him as he addressed tens of thousands of Palestinians that had gathered in a Gaza Strip soccer stadium. After resting for several minutes, Haniyeh recovered and resumed his speech to the crowd. “Our bodies may tire, but not our spirits,” the PA prime minister declared as enthusiastic Hamas supporters cheered his return to the stage.

Haniyeh promised that any future Palestinian government would include his party, dismissing PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ halting efforts to establish a unity government as an attempt to remove Hamas from power.

Cheered on by supporters, Haniyeh vowed that Hamas would never recognize Israel. He said, however, that the group was prepared to accept a long-term cease-fire with Israel if it withdrew to 1967 boundaries.

The rally comes at a time of increasing tension between Hamas and the chairman’s Fatah Party.

The dispute between the two turned violent earlier in the week, with gun battles erupting between Hamas and Fatah gunmen in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, raising fears that the conflict could turn into a full-fledged civil war.

Adding to Hamas’ troubles, the international community has slapped debilitating sanctions on the government, demanding the Islamic group recognize Israel, accept past peace deals and renounce violence.

Hamas has so far refused to accept the conditions, making it impossible for the government to pay all of its 165,000 employees and increasing poverty in the already cash-strapped Palestinian areas.

The economic problems, coupled with Hamas’ inability to make good on other campaign promises, have led to mass protests and public sector strikes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

HFT Editor’s Note: The “standoff” continues and the people who desperately need help continue to suffer! There is a great deal of pride and arrogance involved in this problem, plus the belief by the terrorist organizations that Israel is now quite vulnerable. They believe that based on the recent war with Hizb’allah. As a result of the re-arming of terrorists in the Gaza Strip who are planning to do the same (send rockets into Israeli cities), Israel’s Defense Forces have moved this weekend into the Gaza Strip to deal with the many “tunnels” and movement of weapons into the area. May the LORD GOD of ISRAEL send His MESSIAH, our blessed LORD YESHUA, into this world and bring the lasting peace promised by the Hebrew prophets!

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