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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


by Carole Hocking

Thank you so much to the many listeners of David’s broadcasts who have called, written cards, and sent e-mails, assuring us of your prayers for David. This has been quite an ordeal! But, God answers prayer!

The good news is that the bacterial infection ECOLI is no longer in David’s blood stream – we praise the Lord for this important issue! This week David must get some testing about his bladder, urinary tract, and prostate issues! Please continue to pray.

Although quite weak, David is trying to walk a bit each day, and seems more alert and anxious to get back teaching the Word of God which he loves so much.

Plans now (according to his doctors) is to get him well and strong to start teaching again January 1, 2011. That gives him about four more weeks to improve. The doctors are also going to allow him to teach on Wednesday night, December 15 (probably seated while teaching!) – it will be a good test of whether he will be able to begin again on January 1.

We have so much for which to give thanks and praise to our Lord! David has been working on new messages for January and spends 4-5 hours each day at his computer. Believe me, it is a joy to see him doing this – studying God’s Word is his great joy!

Again, thank you all for your prayers and concerns – God is answering prayer, for which we praise Him!

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