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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) begins Friday night – a 24 hour fast commanded by God – Jewish date of 10th day of seventh month (Tishrei) – year 5768 on the Jewish calendar. Leviticus 23:26-32 tells the story:

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Also on the tneth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD. And ye shall do no work in that same day; for it is a day of atonement, to make an atonement for you before the LORD your God. For whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people. And whatsoever soul it be that doeth any work in that same day, the same soul will I destroy from among his people. Ye shall do no manner of work: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations in all your dwellings. It shall be unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall afflict your souls: in the ninth day of the month at even, from even unto even, shall ye celebrate your sabbath.”

This is the only day in the Jewish year of worship that the LORD GOD of Israel commanded the Jewish people to fast! Fasting was done on other occasions, but this is the only day Jewish people were commanded to do it – “afflict your souls.”

What happened on this day is described in Leviticus 16. In verses 29-31 we read: “And this shall be a statute for ever unto you: that in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, ye shall afflict your souls, and do no work at all, whether it bge one of your own country, or a stranger that sojourneth among you: For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you, to cleanse you, that ye may be clean from all your sins before the LORD. It shall be a sabbath of rest unto you, and ye shall afflict your souls, by a statute for ever.”

Only the High Priest could go into the HOLY of Holies on this day with the blood of one of two goats used on this day, and place the blood on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant (called the “mercy seat”). The event refers to “propitiation” or the satisfaction of the righteous wrath of God against our sin. I John 2:2 says that our Lord’s “propitiation” was not only for the sins of those who believe in Him, but was designed for the whole world. that is remarkable indeed. But, it is no good for your eternal destiny, unless you put your faith and trust in the Messiah’s sacrifice for you – HE IS OUR DAY OF ATONEMENT! Only believers are, therefore, redeemed!

The live goat (called “azazel” or “scapegoat”) was released into the wilderness and no one was to go after it. It pictured the complete removal of the consequences of our sin – HALLELUJAH! Psalm 103:12 says that our sins have been removed “as far as the east is from the west.”

YOM KIPPUR emphasizes not only God’s wrath being satisfied and a covering provided for our sins, but the fast (“afflict your souls”) emphasizes the need of true repentance and faith in our hearts in what happened on that day.

Worshipping on this day was serious! Anyone who refused to treat the day as a Shabat (Sabbath Day) would be “cut off” from his people and God would “destroy” him!

This year the day falls on a normal Sabbath Day, but no changes or alterations were to be made as to the day it was honored – always the 10th day of the seventh month – Tishrei.
Five days later will begin the joyous festival of Succoth (Tabernacles), a feast that last for a whole week!

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