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A grassroots Israeli movement on Wednesday published an open letter to visiting US President George W. Bush explaining why the creation of a Palestinian Arab state on Israel’s ancient biblical heartland will represent the single greatest threat to the region.

The Mattot Arim organization welcomed Bush in its letter, but urged him to rethink his agenda of pushing the Israelis and Arabs toward the rapid creation of a sovereign Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.

The group pointed out that today Israel’s northern and southern borders are threatened by terrorist states because of Israel’s withdrawals from southern Lebanon and Gaza, but noted that those regions are sparsely populated.

If, however, Israel hands over Judea and Samaria and that region becomes as volatile as southern Lebanon or Gaza, several million Israelis will be under direct threat.

Bush and the international community are wagering Israel’s safety on the notion that once given a state, the Palestinians will halt all efforts to kill Israelis. But the Mattot Arim letter pointed to a number of public opinion polls, including one recently conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, that show an overwhelming percentage of Palestinian Arabs see no problem with continuing anti-Israel terrorism.

As such, the assumption must be that a Palestinian state will be a terrorist entity that will put Israel under increasing threat and encourage other regional enemies to escalate their own conflicts with the Jewish state.

Forty families representing a significant portion of Kibbutz Kfar Aza are set to relocate as the community continues to come under fire from Palestinian rockets, one of which killed a local resident last Friday.

Ever since Jimmy Kedoshim was killed while tending his garden, members of the kibbutz have been discussing where in the country they would like to start new lives. Speaking to Ha’aretz, a number of residents said they will not allow themselves and their children to become hostages to the failed policies of the Olmert government.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has come under harsh criticism for failing to honor his commitment to put an end to the Palestinian rocket fire coming from nearby Gaza.
Army officials have been pushing the government for years to authorize a major ground invasion in order to cripple the Hamas-led terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, but Olmert, whose wartime leadership abilities came into serious question after the Second Lebanon War, has resisted.

Senior Palestinian officials on Tuesday called out Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for earlier announcing that he and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had made significant progress in their peace talks.

Speaking to foreign dignitaries as they arrived to participate in Israel’s 60th anniversary and President Shimon Peres’ Facing Tomorrow conference, Olmert stated that he had reached “understandings and points of agreement” with Abbas on several key sticking points.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat responded to the claim by telling Reuters that while the ongoing talks are “serious and in-depth,” wide gaps still exist between the two sides on all major issues.

Another senior Palestinian official who spoke on condition of anonymity blasted Olmert for misrepresenting the level of progress. Palestinian officials have for weeks been accusing Olmert of talking up fabricated progress in the peace process in order to divert attention from his own legal troubles.

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