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While Prime Minister Ariel Sharon continues to fight for his life and doctors continue to do all they can to bring him back to a measure of normality, the United States has done what seems to be at this point an unbelievable act of “undermining” the interim leadership of Israel!

Israel has been opposed to the involvement of the terrorist organization of HAMAS in the proposed elections in the Palestinian territories on January 25, 2006. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has sent an oral message from US President George Bush to Abu Mazen’s (acting President of Palestinian Authority) office with the following guarantees:
1. That all Palestinian parties would be allowed to campaign openly in East Jerusalem (including Hamas)
2. That eligible voters in the city of Jerusalem would be allowed to cast their votes through local post offices
3. That voter slips of ALL Palestinian parties without exception would be available in the balloting booths

What sounds like a very democratic procedure has some disturbing implications to it.

1. The Israeli government was not informed of this decision by Bush, showing a lack of respect and openness of Israel’s sovereignty.

2. The Bush Administration took advantage of the difficult situation with Prime Minister Sharon’s condition and the temporary placement of Ehud Olmert in that position (for only a week now).

3. Olmert’s failure to act decisively about the Jerusalem situation – now Hamas can fly their green flags and hold rallies on the Temple Mount, the very group that now is calling for the destruction completely of the State of Israel!

What is so shocking about all of this, is the way the US government is imposing its will upon the State of Israel at this crucial time. The position of the US government about not allowing known terrorists to participate has now all been changed. The results will be catastrophic as it relates to the future of Israel.

Those of us who are strong supporters of the LORD God of Israel and of the unconditional and eternal covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants concerning the NATION and the LAND – are deeply concerned about the direction of our government. We pray that God will open their eyes to the truth. We need to pray for our leaders exactly like I Timothy 2:1-4 says!

As a further note, it is interesting that Democratic Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, is now in Israel to meet with both sides and see the situation for himself.

Israel’s Public Security Minister, Gideon Ezra, said: “Only those who do not represent extremist groups will receive permission to campaign.” Apparently he did not know of this new decision by the US President.

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