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Hamas (terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel) has clearly won a majority of votes in the Palestinian elections this week! Apparently they have won a majority in every one of the 16 districts in the Palestinian Authority’s controlled areas, including Jerusalem! Out of the 132 seats in the legislature, Hamas has won nearly 75 of them. The Fatah Prime Minister Abu Alla has already resigned, and the PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is considering it as well.

Hamas leader Mahmoud A-Zahar said immediately upon hearing the news of their victory at the polls: “The armed struggle will continue, and it will cause Israel to make great concessions, and will change the way Egypt and Jordan relate to Israel as well.”

Israel’s Ehud Yalom (Likud party) said: “Hamas might want to negotiate with us but we are not allowed to speak with any organization that is dedicated to our destruction.”

US President George Bush (news conference live on Thursday morning, January 26) made it clear that the US will NOT support any government in the Middle East that is bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. While we appreciate his bold stance at this point, we are concerned about what he will do in the future when the options are limited to working with Hamas.

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said: “Israel made a very grave mistake when it allowed Hamas to participate in these elections. The international community will now find every justification to have dialogue with Hamas, claiming that they won democratic elections, even though we invested such great efforts to have the world include Hamas on its outlawed list of terror organizations.

Across the Islamic world of the Middle East there has been great celebrations. Islamic speeches have declared that terrorism works and the elections are the proof. They now believe that it will be a matter of a few years before Israel is completely destroyed and removed from the Middle East!

For those of you who read our articles on a regular basis, you know that we are pro-Israel, and have a firm commitment to the LORD GOD of Israel and His unconditional and everlasting covenant to the people of Israel. We can see the hand of the Lord in all this – God is working out His prophetic plan and we are headed toward Armageddon! May God give us all wisdom and total dependence upon Him and His Word. May His protection and guidance be upon the leaders and people of Israel and may the leadership return to the God of the Bible and once again remember that this land was given to them by God alone! Pray for Israel at this critical time! It is also our prayer that the millions of Arabs (many Christians) who are going to be deeply affected by what has happened – will be protected and that many will come to know a personal relationship with the Messiah of Israel – YESHUA HAMASHIACH!

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