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Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayad told the UN Interfaith Conference in New York that Jerusalem is a city sacred to two religions – Islam and Christianity.

“Jerusalem is home to the third most holy place to Islam, the place where Muhammad rose to the heavens, and the place where Jesus, the Christian, was resurrected,” Fayad stated from the podium in the General Assembly hall.

Israeli media noted Fayad’s blatant failure to make any mention of Judaism’s ancient ties to the holy city, ties that go back far further than those of Islam or Christianity.

The Palestinians have for decades maintained that the Jews have no legitimate religious, historic or legal claims to Jerusalem or any part of the Land of Israel, despite older Muslim documents that clearly recognize such ties.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jerusalem, the City of David, the Holy City, the eternal capital of Israel, does NOT belong to Islam and the ridiculous claim of Mohammed ever being in the city or ascending to heaven from the Temple Mount is totally without proof! The lies continue to be told and political and religious leaders remain quiet about it! Yeshua was not a Christian, nor a Palestinian – He was and is the Jewish Messiah long ago prophesied by the Hebrew prophets, the only Savior of the world, and the Prince of Peace! Jerusalem is mentioned 811 times in the Bible – not once in the Koran (even by its Arabic name!!)! It is time for true believers to stand up and say “enough is enough!!!)

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