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(Israel Today)

The sole terrorist out of the dozens involved in the Mumbai attacks to be captured alive told Indian officials at the weekend that the massive assault specifically targeted Israelis and Jews.

The Times of India reported that according to the terrorist, the three-day siege of Mumbai was a response to Israel’s “atrocities” against the Palestinian Arabs.

At least eight Israelis and foreign Jews were among the 170 people killed in the attacks, making them the largest group of non-Indian casualties.

The Israelis and Jews were all killed at the local Chabad Jewish outreach center. Israeli medical rescue teams sent to Mumbai told Ynet that despite their long experience dealing with mass casualty incidents, they found the level of carnage at the Chabad center shocking.

Along with the Chabad center the terrorists also held two nearby luxury hotels against repeated assaults by Indian commandos for over 48 hours.

Israeli defense experts cited by the Israeli and international media harshly criticized what they called the brave, but inept action by Indian commandos.

Indian media responded furiously to the criticism, with several television commentators claiming that aside from Operation Entebbe in 1976, Israel had a far more dismal record rescuing hostages.

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