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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


What a week this has been on the world scene! Both the United States and the European Union have given millions to the newly-elected Hamas terrorist party that has now been officially sworn in as members of the new Palestinian Parliament – with 74 out of the 132 seats!

Terrorist attacks continue in Israel with Israeli citizens being murdered. The consequence? Iran pledges $250 million dollars to Hamas! The European Union transfers $120 million ($144 million US dollars) euros to the Palestinian Authority now ruled by Hamas!

This past weekend Israel escaped a potentially dangerous situation when rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in northern Gaza just barely missed an elementary school and a gas station. The reward? More money pledged to the terrorists!

As the United States ponders the strange and secret deal of the Bush Administration (now exposed) to transfer the management of several US ports of entry to the Islamic Dubai Ports World, we now learn that they will NOT allow any products from Israel to enter these ports of the US! What? Is anyone aware of this violation of the long-standing commitment of the United States of America to its only democratic ally in the Middle East – the Nation of ISRAEL? These ports include New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and several that were not mentioned by the US Administration along the southern borders of our country. WHAT IS GOING ON? Our country is being manipulated by our leadership to give in to Islamic pressures and to ignore the clear statements of Islam about their desire for world domination and the annihilation of the State of Israel and the killing of all Jews (as well as Christians)!

While the US Administration continues to reassure its citizens that the war in Iraq is achieving its stated purposes to produce a free and democratic society, this week saw the region plunged into chaos and anarchy as the battle accelerated between Sunni and Shiite Muslims – hundreds have been killed.
If that wasn’t enough tragedy, the situation surrounding Darfur in the Sudan has deteriorated in an horrendous way! The killing of 200,000 civilians has now spread across the border into Chad. Islamic gunmen from Darfur have crossed the desert and entered Chad stealing cattle, burning crops and killing anyone who resists. The lawlessness of this situation has driven over 20,000 Chadians from their homes, making them refugees in their own country. The United Nations has promised to send troops to protect civilians but it will take months to achieve it. The Bush Administration says that NATO should help “shore up” a failing African Union peacekeeping mission there – but all this talk is not helping anything – people are being systematically killed, and the goal of Islam to dominate all of Africa continues unchecked!

The overall ratings of the Bush Administration have dropped to its lowest level ever. The issue of selling the control of our ports of entry is not supported by 2 out of every 3 Americans, and polls show that almost 60% of Republicans are against the Administration on this issue.

Bible believers realize that the LORD GOD of ISRAEL is working His prophetic plan in this world and things ARE heading toward Armageddon. It is time to preach the gospel without compromise! The world needs to know that there is hope in the Savior, our Redeemer, and our coming King! May God give us all wisdom in these difficult days!

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