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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


In the last few weeks the media of our culture has been promoting doubts and questions about the historicity and authenticity of the Bible. Much of this is being caused by the marketing techniques associated with the “DA VINCI CODE” movie which is scheduled to be released on May 19 worldwide. There has also been an effort to insinuate a “conspiracy” regarding certain “books” that were written in the early centuries of church history that were not included in the Bible that was confirmed by church councils and universally read in the churches. After compiling several questions, we decided to answer them with a clear “YES” or “NO” for our readers. Here are the questions:

1. Was Jesus ever married? NO!

2. Was Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus? NO!

3. Did Jesus have any children? NO!

4. Did Jesus use Judas to “set up” the trial and crucifixion? NO!

5. Is it true that Judas never betrayed Jesus? NO!

6. Was there a conspiracy by the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate the “truth” about Jesus? NO!

7. Was the crucifixion a “plot” by Jesus and His disciples? NO!

8. Was the story of the resurrection a hoax and fabrication? NO!

9. Was “DA VINCI” the last name of the famous painter of the Last Supper – Leonardo? NO! (it refers to the place from where he came)

10. Is the “feminine-looking” person sitting next to Jesus in the painting of the Last Supper really Mary Magdalene instead of John? NO!

11. Were “other books” written in the early centuries of church history that claim “Divine” revelation? YES!

12. Should these “other books” be considered of equal value with the Bible? NO!

13. Did the church councils of the 4th & 5th centuries make up the list of books and purposely eliminate certain volumes in a massive “cover-up” scheme of the truth about Jesus? NO!

14. Was Jesus a “Palestinian Arab”? NO!

15. Did Jesus ever claim to be the promised Messiah? YES!

16. Did the disciples of Jesus spread “rumors” and “lies” about His resurrection in order to influence people? NO!

17. Does the Bible claim to be a “direct revelation” from God? YES!

18. Does the Bible claim to be a “final” written revelation from God? YES!

19. Are other religious books also “divine revelations” from God? NO!

20. Is everything in the Bible in terms of history absolutely true and accurate? YES!

Be aware that the onslaught of questioning the Bible’s historicity and authenticity is going to intensify. It is coming from Satan, and its motive is to deceive and to eliminate confidence in the Bible as the true and only written Word of God!

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