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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


The situation in ISRAEL is of great concern to many people. Israel demanded the release of one of its soldiers who had been taken captive by terrorists. It was a planned operation to force ISRAEL to release thousands of prisoners. The government refused, and the military operation began in the Gaza Strip.

ISRAEL’s enemies believe that ISRAEL is now very vulnerable to attack, and through the encouragement of Iran and others, the terrorist groups of Hezbollah and Hamas have taken bold steps to continue the rocket attacks and to target civilian areas of ISRAEL.

On ISRAEL’s northern border, Hizbullah decided (with Iran and Syria’s encouragement) that now was the time to attack – they did (these attacks were NEVER provoked by ISRAEL in spite of many media personnel trying to say that this justifies the terrorist response). Hezbollah attacked one of the military outposts and did damage and took two soldiers as hostages, planning to use them in negotiating with ISRAEL. ISRAEL has responded strongly, including the bombing of the Beirut International Airport. ISRAEL is holding the government of Lebanon responsible for allowing Hizbullah to control its southern borders. Lebanon has allowed over 15,000 Katusha rockets from Iran and Syria to be delivered to the forces of Hezbollah. Israel has now experienced the consequences of allowing this to take place without taking action to stop their deployment.

The enemies of ISRAEL have unleashed over 100 Katusha rockets in just one day! These rockets have hit many communities in Israel and have even struck into Haifa.

The situation in ISRAEL is troubling, confusing, and could lead to a wider application in the Middle East. The present crisis needs calm heads and hearts for God and His purposes. The situation needs much prayer. God’s will is being done and His prophetic time table is not always what we want. Please pray for peace, but understand that real peace will not come to the Middle East (or the world!) until the Prince of peace, the Messiah of Israel returns!

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